Monday, January 29, 2007

Barack Hussein Obama..curiouser and curiouser..

"He comes from a father who was a Muslim. I mean, I think that given we’re at war with Muslim extremists, that presents a problem." -NPR's Juan Williams

The more Barack Hussein Obam attempts damage control on his Islamic background, the more questions he raises.

First his PR people denied that he had been educated in a madrassa, or Islamic school, when he lived in Indonesia as a boy.

“The Indonesian school Obama attended in Jakarta is a public school that is not and never has been a madrassa,” said a statement put out by the senator’s staff.

But the school did teach the Quran, along with subjects such as math and science, according to Obama, who attended when he was 9 and 10.

Note to the Senator's staff: if the school was teaching Islamic studies, it was a madrassah.That's what madrassahs do, and many of them include secular subjects along with religious classes.

Obama further claims that his father was an atheist, but then admits in one of his memoirs that he was buried as a Muslim.

The statement put out by Obama’s office last week simply referred to his father as “an atheist,” without mentioning his Muslim upbringing or burial.

Obama's stepfather, of course, was and is a practicing Muslim. “It was to Lolo that I turned to for guidance and instruction,” Obama recalled. “He introduced me as his son.”

Obama's father, stepfather, Grandfather and brother are or were all Muslims.

Obama's grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, for whom the senator was given his middle name, Hussein, is especially interesting. Senator Obama admirably noted in his first memoir, `Dreams' that his grandfather was fiercely devoted to Islam, could not understand such ideas as mercy towards your enemies, or that this man Jesus could wash away a man’s sins. According to Obama's memoir, his grandfather considered that `foolish sentiment, something to comfort women'.

Obama also has fond words for his brother Abongo's strict Muslim observance...while remaining highly critical of what he has called “the religious absolutism of the Christian right.”

Another red flag is Obama's apparent admiration for Malcolm X, the one time poster boy for the Nation of Islam, until he got into a turf war with Elijah Muhammed and Louis Farakhan and ended up on the wrong end of a shotgun.

“Malcolm X’s autobiography seemed to offer something different,” Obama has written. “His repeated acts of self-creation spoke to me; the blunt poetry of his words, his unadorned insistence on respect, promised a new and uncompromising order, martial in its discipline, forged through sheer force of will.”

He added: “Malcolm’s discovery toward the end of his life, that some whites might live beside him as brothers in Islam, seemed to offer some hope of eventual reconciliation.”

Malcolm X, of course, was a lifelong anti-Semite and religious bigot who refused to recognize any faith but Islam, along with his other qualities.

If this is someone Barak Obama admires, it's a problem... like his constant downplaying of his Islamic background.

For interested parties, I note that Chicago in Senator Obama's home state is the headquarters and main center of the Nation of Islam here in America.


Anonymous said...

all that you have worked to put together in this essay ff, the incidents you enumerate, are the very reasons the MSM loves this guy.

Mike-Politik said...

The dude is a Christian....take off the tin foil hats.

Anonymous said...

Another pathetic, poor effort at mudslinging. Is it because you guys can't find anything of substance to tarnish him with is why you're occupy with the primary school he went to? what next? if the taxi he took at a time was driven by a muslim?

Joe Gringo said...

In the eyes of muslims, he is guilty of apostacy, which means in their eyes an apostate must be out to death, just think of the jack-off jihad crowd would react should Barack Hussein Obama becomes President?

diclaimer - ain't a snowball's chance in hell he'll get there IMO

Freedom Fighter said...

Thanks for weighing in, y'all.

I think it's time for some clarity.

Mike,Anonymous, I make no claims about Barack Hussein Obama's religious affiliation one way or the other. I merely point out that he appears to be deliberately downplaying his Muslim background. One wonders why.

As for him being `a Christian', I frankly doubt that any committed Christian would proclaim the admiration for Malcolm X that Barack Hussein Obama has, given Malcolm X's ideology. I frankly find that, and some of Barack Hussein Obama's political views far more worrisome.

I agree with NPR's Juan Williams, for's a problem.

Anonymous said...

I'm highly skeptical regarding Obama's "madrassa" education. The school in Indonesia he went to was actually a catholic school. Check out these links:

I'm no fan of Obama, and I truly think we'd be in troubled waters if he became President, but this to me is reminiscent of the smear tactics used during the Webb/Allen Senate race.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Nazar,
FYI, the information on BHO's Muslim schooling came from his 1st book, not some rightwing hate site.

It is only now that his office is attempting to spin it, in contradiction of what Obama himself has previously written.

I believe you misunderstand what this piece of mine is about, as well as the article I've linked to.

Whether Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim is not at issue as much as his obvious attempts to dissemble about his Muslim background. The most charitable explanation is that he is doing it for crass political motives, that says something about his character.

There could indeed be another reason, but that's not what I'm speculating on.

Likewise, I find his admiration for his grandfather's and brother's strict Muslim observance and his admiration for Malcolm X as expressed in his own books to be out of character with the way he's portraying himself, especially given his often expressed disdain for `the religious Christian Right'.

You may make of this information whatever you choose. As far as I'm concerned, to quote Juan Williams `it's a problem.'

Unknown said...

Whatever happened to freedom of speech,Freedom of rights, Freedom to be whoever you wish, why does it matter if he is Muslim or not, or if he has family members who are muslims,why can we see for the man he is, and what wrong if he is a great admire of Malcolm x, many white people respect and admire for what he was fighting for,the rights for black people and his religion.
Whatever happened to respect ??
For Muslims around the world, For Islam ?? you hear Islam, and think of "Terrories", "Fundanentalist" and in this article "Extremists" and because Barack Hussein Obama has family members whom are muslim, you consider him part of a Terrorist group which he is not, not only him almost every muslims, As for Juan Williams, what a ridioulous article, take a look around you, if you take a look around the world you will find Christian "Extremists" but no Muslim say that, what gives Juan William the right say that, and Why discriminate, why not appreciate, and respect all the colours. "Islam, the religion of tolerance, hold the human soul in high esteem",learn the basic and roots, before you say anything, I think it time we have a Black President.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Hawa.
First of all, if many people, as you say think `terrorist', `extremeist', `fundamentalist' when they think of Islam ( and BTW, I'm not among them) do you think, perhaps that Islam's bloody history and the acxtions and attitudes of a substantial number of Muslims today might just have something to do with it?

Second, if you truly hold tolerance and the human soul in high esteem, aren't you a bit concerned at Barack Hussein Obama's expressed admiration for fundamentalist Islam and his often expressed disdain for `fundamentalist' Christianity is cause for concern?

The last time I checked, Christians weren't beheading Muslims, taking them hostage or using homicide bombers in their cities.

You seem to be making excuses for this behavior.

As for Obama's bi-racial background, as MLK would say, it's the content of his character ( and his ideas) that gives cause for concern, not the color of his skin.

He has absolutely no qualifications or rationale to be president.

Unknown said...

Hello Freedom Fighter,

First of all, Muslim aren't Fundementalist, extremist or terrorist. Muslim are actually decent, brilliant, talented people with one of the greatest civilization and traditions.

In fact Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world especially in North America. There is about 2,000 and more Mosques just North America. Every year, every month, every day, every min, every sec, there is someone convert to this religion of Islam. Why is that????????

Second of all, religion is a personal opion, Barack Hussein Obama can choose to be anything he wish's. It does not concern me or even you, or anyone as a matter of fact.

If you say that Christians have never behead or take Muslims in hostage ( in history or today), then you , don't know what you're talking about, for you're sadly mistaken. Learn your history.

Your getting feed by the media, how about you do your own research and see what's really going on in the world. Why don't you look at both sides of the story.

Make excuses for this behavior no, it is you who does.

As for Obama running for President, I say may the best man or woman win.

Anonymous said...

Hello Hawa,
Let's at least be honest with each other. It benefits both of us, believe it or not.

When you say `Muslims aren't extremist,fundamentalist or terrorist', you're not being honest with me or yourself. Unless,of course, you consider honor killings,beheading prisoners, blowing up markets, trains and the World Trade Center not to be extremist or terrorist which case you're part of the problem and not part of the solution.

The `fundamentalist' bit many Muslims would frankly disagree withyou on, including Turkey's PM erdogan and our old friend Sheik Yadhzhi.

Certainly not all Muslims act in this way, but a significant number do, and/or support it.That's simply fact.

Islam is growing in North America solely because of millions of dollars poured into the West by the Saudis through the Islamic Society of North America, and the wahabi doctrine they're preaching is definitely fundamentalist and extremist, to the point that many decent Muslims of my aquaintance no longer go to mosque because they've been takenover by the Saudis and they can't abide what's being preached there.They are allowed to do so because of the influence of Saudi petrodollars on certain influential friends of theirs.

As for your remark about Christian beheading Muslims, if you read carefully what I wrote it refers to the NOW..not the far off history of the Crusades, which, as we both know, were merely a response to Islamic aggression towards the Byzantines and Europe anyway.

NOW, today, it is Muslims who are doing the beheading and the terrorism, Hawa..ask Daniel Pearl's widow about that..or any number of references I could give you.

These themes actually blend together quite nicely Hawa.If, as you say, you as a Muslim favor decency and civilization, it is up to you to counteract this trend by fighting the jihadis and Islamists with every breath in your body,and reject the bigotry, violence and intolerance practiced by many Muslims

And it is definitely in your best interest. There are only three million Muslims here in America, and as a matter of fact, Muslims are not a majority (yet) in any western country.

If there is another Islamist attack on the US or on other Western countries, peace loving, decent Muslims may very well be swept up together with the Islamists and interned or deported without anyone taking the time to figure out which is which.

That's happened in Britain, France and America before, though not to Muslims.

That's why it's in your best interest to stop making excuses and join those courageous Muslims who support freedom and reject Islamism.

Some of them are featured in the links on this site.

All Best,


Unknown said...

Dear Freedom fighter

These comments of yours wasn't even worth the response. What fool, thinking you know anything about Islam or even the Muslims world.

If you like a world report, I shall be happy to tell you, since all you see is one side of a square:

First of all why were troops send to Iraq in the first place??? oh yeah they believe there was master destructed weapons and nuclear power, (this is country that doesn't even have an army or nuclear power),let get it straight, they were only there for the oil. Iraqi girls are stripped naked and raped again and again, the shooting of civilians as a payback for 9/11, In Somalia: a bomb was droped, when asked why "Terrorist group'that's all they have say, never thinking, that there were innocent civilians, In Afghanistan the holy book of Qur'an was flash in the toliet by solider, you call that honor. Let also not forget the nation that was destoryed: The first Native, up to still now have no rights in their own country.When they couldn't do the work, the brought Black slaves and up to still aren't treated right. What they did was wrong but no told them.

Obvious you're very forgiving because you can't see past your Ignorance and hatred for the Muslims world.

Born as a christian, you believing what your parents have taught is right, not thinking for yourself, never considering they are wrong, that you're wrong.

"Beheading" Let me guess you found it in one of the anti-islamic website, because other than I have never seen in the news and these days you see everything in the news. Must be another one of your Ignorance.

The word "jihad" means:
to "struggle" or Strive or work for something that is good with determination. Although in the English translation define, it as holy war that is not the Arabic meaning. The Arabic word for War is "Harb", and the word for fighting is "Qital".Get it right the next time. And don't speak for me as if you know me or know what's in my heart.

If you check in any website like google, it will tell you there are over billion people in the world who follow Islam.And it's now rise in the west. There is about "62 percent of the estimated 5 million Muslims living in the United States" as a matter of fact.

You just don't want to heard it that more and more people are convert to Islam."millions of dollars poured into the West by the Saudis through the Islamic Society of North America" let me tell you can never force anyone to believe,giving up their faith no matter what, no matter how much you paying them, no matter how much you try

I'm sursprise you even have Muslims aquaintance with all your hatred for Muslims. And you think that Muslims don't go Mosque because it's take over by Arabs. First of all, Muslims treat each ohter with love and respect in Mosque, it doesn't matter what nation you are from when you enter the front door of the Mosque.

The time next you write make sure you're informed before you accuse Islam on things that you learn from you pro-christian and anti-islamic website. Stop write, you are making a fool out of yourself.

At last, it's forbidden to kill in Islam, you get extremists and irrational people of every religon.

Islam is a peaceful religion with teaching that cover every area of life.

You cannot judge a religon by what the followers are doing until it matches with the religion says......

Case Close.

Freedom Fighter said...

As I suspected Hawa,you're part of the problem,not the solution.

You're nothing less than an enabler and apologist for Islamic terrorism...which you totally ignore.

Your comment is so full of inaccuracies and what my fellow Americans would call pure BS that it's difficult to know where to start: The bogus Koran flushing case that even the reporter who broke the story said was false? Your claim of `5 million Muslims in America' when the Pew Trust survey only found 3.2 million...included the nation of Islam, which most Muslims don't recognize as part of Islam? The notion that Muslims never behead anybody? Did Daniel Pearl, Paul Berg, the Sunnis in Anbar who were beheaded by al Qaeda and a host of others just shave a little too close one morning? Your statement that Muslims are forbidden to kill?

Who pulled off 9/11, Beslan, the homicide bombings in Spain, India, London, Jerusalem...

You would have to be living in a cave somewhere to miss those stories. Google `Islam' and 'beheading' sometime.

I know what `harb' means, in dar harb, the place of war, the part of the world not ruled by Islam. Do you think everyone is ignorant of the fact that when many Muslims say `peace' they really mean `dar Islam' Islamic rule?

As for jihad Mohammed himself referred to it as holy war, and almost all Islamic authorities through the ages have recognized that jihad is holy war agaisnt the infidels. Or, as mohammed himself would say `In the shade of swords shall ye find paradise'.

If you want more quotes from the Hadiths and the Qu'ran on the matter, I'm happy to oblige...but I doubt you want to go there, do you?

I won't dignify your nonsense about Iraq with an answer. Like a true apologist for Islamic fascism, you gloss over the atrocities committed by al Qaeda people like Moqtada al-Sadr and talk about a handful of cases against US troops...most of which have been disproved and thrown out of court.

Finally, I don't have Muslim `acquaintances', I have Muslim friends, and they would be the first to tell you that attitudes like yours contribute to the hostility towards all Muslims, who get tarred with the terrorist brush because people like you are unwilling to confront the terrorists rampant in Islam.

Shame on you.


Unknown said...

All you have said could never be Islam or what truly stands for. So say all you must, no words, no words could ever break the hearts of Muslims and Islam.

Freedom Fighter said...

Can you spell D-E-N-I-A-L, Hawa?

Like I said, you're part of the problem.

Thanks for the clarity.

Anonymous said...

Hawa is not in denial. He is defending and promoting Islam. He is also defending beheadings, honor killings, homicide bombers and whatnot as he hasn't condemned these things.

After all, we (the west) are the bad guys don't ya know, so any response to us is justified and therefore, not extreme.

I'm an agnsotic. But, if you compare the life of Jesus to the life of Mohammad, it is like comparing Mother Theresa to someone on death row. Mohammad actually killed people, Jesus healed them. Christianity was born on the cross, Islam was born by the sword.

Mohammad was nothing more than a warlord who thought he was special.