Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hamas ministers targeted as Palestinian gang war continues

The Palestinian gang wars continued as 3 Hamas ministers were given what in mob parlance is known as a `warning'.

After a series of hits in Gaza that resulted in 5 Fatah deaths, Fatah struck back, but only in its stronghold on the West Bank (Judea and Samaria).Fatah `soldiers' invaded the home of Deputy Health Minister Bashar Karmi of Hamas in the West Bank town of El Bireh and forced him into their car at gunpoint. They put a hood over his head, moved him around for five hours and warned him that if the bad stuff continues to go on in Gaza, he's not safe on the West Bank.

Just a few towns over in Jenin, Prisoner Affairs Minister Wasfi Kabaha of Hamas got his car torched.

And in the village of Jabaa, Fatah goombas fired warning shots in the air as the local prayer leader and senior Hamas activist, Nasser Al Awna, came out of the mosque there....again, another warning, real friendly like if you know what I mean.

Just in case anyone needed a translation, al Aksa Martyrs brigade gang leader Jamal Tirawi, a Fatah lawmaker, warned that Hamas leaders in the West Bank could be targeted again.

"If Hamas keeps doing what it is doing with its militia in Gaza, and is killing our members, all Hamas leaders in the West Bank are in our hands," said Tirawi.

Hamas warned in a statement on its web site that "those in Fatah who are plotting a coup are trying to escalate tension in the Palestinian street" and warned of any attempt to harm Hamas government officials.

Just to underline that, Hamas `soldiers' fired on the Gaza funeral procession for three Fatah loyalists killed in gun battles with Hamas on Wednesday.

In the Mughazi refugee camp, Fatah said the funeral procession came under fire from a building housing a Hamas kindergarten and mosque. Hamas said mourners had trashed the mosque, but denied its gunmen opened fire on the funeral. maybe the two people who were wounded were shot by the evil Jooos somehow..or maybe from all those m-16's and kalishnikovs firing rounds in the air. And nearby, three Fatah members were shot and wounded as they passed by a Hamas-manned checkpoint.

Each side appears to be staking out their territory nicely as the Beast continues to eat itself.

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