Monday, January 22, 2007

Hezbollah deploys for a fresh assault on the Lebanese government

As regular members of Joshua's Army know, Hezbollah and its supporters have kept the Siniora government under virtual siege in Beirut, blockading government offices and stages protest rallies calling for the government to resign.

They are apparently about to kick things into high gear.

Tens of thousands of Hezbollah and pro-Syrian supporters are in Beirut for fresh round of protests and rallies designed to make the government fall.

Pro-Syrian factions and militias are streaming into Beirut to stage a one million-strong rally tomorrow, January 23. They plan to shut down Beirut by blocking the roads to keep people from work and to shut down the international airport.

According to my sources, the end is near. Hezbollah’s followers and allies, including Gen. Michel Aoun, expect to topple the pro-Western government within a week. And if it doesn't happen peacefully, they are planning on armed conflict.

So far, neither the United States, France or the UN has taken any real action to help prime minister Fouad Siniora stand up to Hezbollah and the Syrian/Iranian axis.

On January 25th, the donor countries committed to assisting Lebanon’s recovery from the war are scheduled to meet in Paris. Prime minister Siniora is en route to attend.

Stay tuned....

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