Monday, January 22, 2007

US naval buildup in the Persian Gulf continues

The USS Stennis, leaving its base in Bremerton, WA

As I previously reported, the USS Stennis carrier strike group is definitely en route to the Persian Gulf. Saturday, Jan 20th, the ship picked up 2,500 troops at San Diego. The next stop fro the Stennis Strike Group is apparently Hawaii. where it will collect two more ships before heading to the Gulf with a complement of 6,500 US soldiers.

Once there, it will join the will join the USS Dwight Eisenhower aircraft carrier group and USS Boxer amphibious strike force.

This kind of firepower is slated to do much more than a simple `surgical strike' on Iran's nukes if used.

It may very well be that the Bush Administration's own professionals came up with the same conclusions I and my correspondents did, and have decided to stomp the mullahs and box them in once and for all.

If President Bush packs the necessary gear to take out Iran and does it properly, he will not only have solved the problem with Iraq and Lebanon and removed an incredibly dangerous threat to the US, but he will actually - just maybe - have saved his presidentcy.

Iran is vulnerable, and a key to winning the War Against Jihad.

Carthago delenda est.


Anonymous said...

If Iran is taken out, Syria will fill the void in Lebanon.

And if Bush takes out Iran, suffice it to say that his Presidency will be utterly ruined. There's a good chance he would be the first president to get impeached.

Anonymous said...

If we do it I hope we do good. Carpet bomb everything and go home.

If President Bush was to be impeached he would be the third president to be impeached.

President Johnson (1868 I think), President Clinton were both impeached but neither were convicted.

Anonymous said...

Johnson was nearly impeached. Only one vote saved him. Clinton was tried but never impeached-or removed from office.

Nixon came the closest to being impeached, but he resigned.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Y'all.

Actually, Nazar, If Iran is suppressed, Syria will bend over backwards to do what we want, including gutting support for Hezbollah.

Such people are always either at your knees or at your throat, and respond to strength and forcefulness. Remember how Qadaffi gave up his nukes after Saddam got pulled out of that hole in Iraq?

Rather than be impeached,Bush would receive an accollade from the American public, who support winners and victory in this war. And in any event, it's the right thing to do regardless of what happens to Bush personally.

BTW, both Clinton and Andrew Johnson were impeached..but neither impeachment was confirmed by the Senate as per US law.

In Mr. Bill's case, that was indeed a pity.

Anonymous said...

Bush will receive an accolade? With all due respect, you must be deluded to think this. The overwhelming majority of Americans are against war with Iran. The polls don't lie, my friend.

Now that the Democrats control Congress, a large part of whom are relics of the 60s antiwar left, Bush's options are very limited. These people see this in terms of "no blood for oil" and "Bush lied, 100,000 died".

Freedom Fighter said...

I guess we'll see, Nazar. I think the American people are on a very different wavelength than the midterms would indicate. As for polls, I don't know what you've seen, but the polls I've seen on Iran, as opposed to Iraq are somewhat different in their conclusions.

At any rate, polls and any personal consequences aside, it is the right thing to do for a man who swore the oath president Bush did when he took office.

Will he fulfill it? Time will tell.

Michael said...

Freedom Fighter has a good point: Americans support a winner, and if Bush knocks over the mullahs (read his post on how to do it; it's further in this post), then he will be a winner.

Iran is vulnerable. They haven't got the muscle to take on 2 carrier groups and an amphibious group, and they can't stop the US from controlling the Str of Hormuz, destroying nuclear facilities, and blocking all Iranian oil.

The US, for its part, would not need to divert force from Iraq to do this. Maybe the US military is stretched a little thin, but the US is still a superpower, able to fight multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Defeating Iran with a combination of military and economic warfare would knock the props from under the Iraqi Shia terrorists, Hezbollah, Syria... All these depend on Iranian money and weapons. On their own, they are weak. Even with Iranian/Syrian support, Hezbollah couldn't stop the IDF last summer.

Iran is vulnerable, and Bush must take advantage of that. He would be wise, I think, to simply do so. And tell America afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Just to add one further piece of information regarding naval buildup: USS Bataan with its ESG and 26th MEU has transited Suez canal on Jan 31, and entered 5th fleet AOR (which includes Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf). Bataan Strike Group includes USS Bataan (LHD5), USS Shreveport (LPD12), USS Oak Hill (LSD51), USS Vella Gulf (CG72), USS Nitze (DDG94), USS Underwood (FFG36), and USS Scranton (SSN756), closely resembling Boxer ESG already in the Gulf.