Friday, January 12, 2007

John Negroponte upset at al Qaeda havens in our `ally' Pakistan

In an unusual public display of candor, US director of National Intelligence John Negroponte voiced US frustration over the al-Qaeda 'resurgence' due to the safe havens it enjoys in Pakistan.

In September, the Pakistani government made a treaty with the Taliban, essentially giving them control of the tribal areas in North Waziristan in exchange for `peace' and a crackdown on foreign jihadis in the region. According to testimony from Lt Gen Michael D Maples, the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, who appeared alongside John Negroponte before Congress, the "tribes have not abided by most terms of the agreement".

And al Qaeda and the Taliban have exploited it to increase their attacks on US, NATO and British forces in Afghanistan, regroup, recruit and rearm in whathave become safe havens.

Of course, the Pakistani government was not happy with these remarks, calling them `unhelpful'. The truth is, General Pervez Musharref's hold on power is increasingly tenuous, and there is substantial anti-West pro jihad sentiment in Pakistan, bothinthe general population an din its military and intelligence sectors.

Like Iran and Syria, the country is a haven for terrorism. Until we deal with this reality and stop pretending, victory in the War Against Jihad will continue to be elusive.

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