Wednesday, January 31, 2007

British MPs defy ban, meet with Hamas

I suppose I knew this was coming....
now British MPS are ignoring their own laws to meet with Hamas.

Five members of a group of Israel bashers called the Britain-Palestine All Party Parliamentary Group met with Hamas ministers last week while visiting the Palestinian Authority.

Of course, British ministers and officials are supposedly banned from meeting members of Hamas because Britain has properly labeled Hamas as an international terrorist group.

In another example of how low Tony Blair's current status is, most of them, like the groups' leader Richard Burden, are part of Blair's Labour party - Burden is the MP for heavily Muslim Birmingham Northfield.

Of course, Burden defended the meeting, saying that opening dialogue with Hamas was the best way to make progress for `peace'.

And never mind that Hamas doesn't recognize Israel's existence, right? A mere detail.

Obviously there are a lot of Brits who can hardly wait to deal.

I think many of our cousins across the pond are under the mistaken impression that if they give the jihadis Israel, their own problems with a restive Muslim minority with fade away.

They couldn't be more wrong, and it's a pity they haven't learned this from their history.

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