Thursday, January 11, 2007

Carter receives mass resignations at his center over his new book

Apparently there's a limit to everything.

Even some of the normally accepting drones at the board of the Carter Peace Center are now distancing themselves from the stench that surrounds this utterly failed ex-president.

14 members of the Carter Center Advisory board tendered their resignations over the ex-president's latest work of fiction, `Palestine: peace, not apartheid', stating bluntly to Carter in their letter of resignation, "you have clearly abandoned your historic role of broker in favor of becoming an advocate for one side."

At least they've finally woken up and realized it.

Of course, the real story, as I revealed at JoshuaPundit a while ago is that Carter's dirty little secret is that he's simply a paid shill for the Arabs who ought to be required to register a a lobbyist for a foreign government.

In another piece on news, Carl in Jerusalem at Israel Matzav has the amazing story of the ex-president finally accepting a speaking engagement at none other than predominantly Jewish Brandeis University - after the University agreed to waive its previous condition, that Carter debate the main premises of his book with Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz.

You have to wonder at what was in the University's mind..self hatred is never pretty.

Carter will now get to talk to the students and maybe answer a few questions from the audience without the problem of having anyone of equal stature on the podium addressing the outright falsehoods and fabrications of his latest book...although Dershowitz has said that he plans to be in the audience.

Want to bet Carter never calls on him?

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