Thursday, January 18, 2007

Our Iraqi `allies' continue to show their true colors

Q: Does President Bush need you more than you need him?

Maliki, laughing: "This is an evil question..."

President Bush, in his new Iraq plan, is continuing to base his aspirations for success upon Iraqi PM Maliki and the rest of the Shiite politicos he unfortunately allowed to take power.

The more time passes, the more obvious it becomes what an error that is.

Maliki made the above quote
to a bunch of reporters while criticizing the Bush Administration for not shelling out more cash and weaponry and commenting on the president's new plan, in which he essentially said `give us all the arms and equipment and money we need, then you can leave even quicker.'

Of course, anything we give them will undoubtedly be used to help Maliki's jihad pals in Iran.

To make this even plainer, let's look at Shiite politico Abdel Aziz al-Hakim, who represents the other major Shiite faction, has been considered a s a possible successor to Maliki and who met with Bush personally. Today he accused US forces of `violating Iraqi sovereignty' by arresting Iranian military from the al Qods force in that `consular office' in Kurdistan.

As I wrote earlier, a sure sign of whether Maliki was serious would be if heavy fighting broke out between the Iraqi government and the militias. It hasn't...and he isn't, despite the token`arrests' that have been made.

I pray I am totally wron about this, but I believe I can see how this is going. We will pay baksheesh to the Iraqi Shiites in the form of weapons and aid in order to extricate ourselves and make it look good for the Bush administration politically.

If that's the way it pans out, it's an absolute disgrace.

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