Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Was Iran behind the kidnap /murder of US troops in Iraq?

This one is bubbling under the headlines.

Joshua's Army members may remember that I wrote about the kidnap murder of 5 US sldiers in Karbala and speculated that it was most probably an inside job.... seeing as the jihadis mounted a sophisticated operation complete with US arms and uniforms, and knew exactly where the Americans were, when they would be there, and had the means to get to them easily..while none of the Iraqis they were meeting with in a supposedly secure compound was even touched.

It appears I was right on the money.

The Pentagon is investigating what it believes was Iran's involvement in the Karbala compound attack.

The Pentagon has what they describe as a `preliminary view' based on multiple sources in the military and intelligence community, that the attack was far too sophisticated for Shia militias (particularly the Mahdi Army) or al Qaeda inIraq, and that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, or men trained by them carried out the attack in retaliation for the capture by U.S. forces of five of its members in Irbil, Iraq, on January 11.

If that's true, it also means that some of our Iraqi `allies' set our guys up for their jihad buddies.

More food for thought : The US, as I reported here earlier had scheduled a major press conference to detail Iran's involvement in supporting the Shiite militias and death squads, as well as the Sunni insurgency, al-Qaeda in Iraq and Ansar al-Sunnah with Major General Bill Caldwell on today at 7:00 AM Eastern. The briefing was supposed to include details including shipping documents, serial numbers, maps and other evidence to link the mullahs to weapons shipments to Iraq.

This briefing has now been put on hold, perhaps to flesh out the investigation of Iran's involvement in the murder of our troops in Karballa - or maybe to buy some time to answer the probable follow-up questions on what the US should do about it.

Or maybe even to avoid having the US do something about it altogether.

Stay tuned..this could be major.

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Anonymous said...

i kind of wonder if US personnel are wondering around inside iran dressed as revolutionary guards.
just not killing anyone yet.
that we have heard of.
if this in fact was a payback for the embassy raid, then some chicago justice imo should be in store.