Friday, January 26, 2007

Deadly Gaza shootout as the Pal turf wars continue

It's business as usual in the territorio del mafia known as the Palestinian Authority. Today's fun n' games left 14 dead, including a two year old boy. And even pro-Arab shills like the AP's Sarah El Deeb had to really work to try to put the blame on the evil Israelis and the West `for cutting off aid', even though the Israelis just gave Abbas $100 million and Abbas has yet to dip into that $1.4 billion Palestine Investment Fund, made up of money St. Arafat stole from all those gullible Western `humanitarian aid' dollars.

The gunfighting was mostly concentrated around the house of Mansour Shaleil, a local Fatah gang lord in the Jebaliya refugee camp just north of Gaza City.

Hamas gunmen surrounded the house early today, probably with the idea of taking Shaleil `for a ride' because of his alleged involvement in busting a cap and killing two Hamas gang members. In a typical show of bravery, the Hamas thugs surrounded the house and sat there for hours before finally working up the nerve to storm the house, which is when the shooting broke out between the Hamas boys and Shaleil and his Fatah pals.

Here's a money quote for you, from a spokesman for `moderate' Fatah, Maher Mekdad: "It looks like they forgot who the enemy is. They forgot the Israeli occupation."

Yep, it's always the Jooos, and don't you ever forget it.

Both sides were supposed to have a sitdown about divvying up the spoils in the Palestinian Authority, but suspended the so-called `unity talks' today because of the violence.

They're really the kind of folks that need a state of their own, aren't they?

The Beast continues to eat itself.

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