Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lefties in Australia ban their own flag as a `gang color!!'

Some lovely Oz rock fans show their colors...

This is almost too wacky to be believed..but it's true.

The Australian flag has been banned from a major Australian music festival in Sydney after organisers branded it a "gang colour" and a symbol of hate.

Organisers of the Ozzie rock festival Big Day Out in Sydney at Homebush say they will confiscate any flag or bandana bearing the Australian flag at the gate.

They likewise labeled Sydney a `hot bed of racism' and the producers of the Sydney Showground event said it will be the only city in the nationwide event that will have flags confiscated. They also moved the show from its traditional Australia Day date to avoid any hint of Australian nationalistic pride.

The show's producers say they were mainly motivated by last year's Cronulla riots, which took place only weeks before last year's show. At that event, they claim that local Australians were `harassing people' (gee, why not just say Muslims?) and demanding that they pledge allegiance to their country's flag...what a racist concept, right?

To say this doesn't sit well with the majority of Australians is, well, an understatement.

Premier Morris Iemma claimed the promoters should "reverse their decision immediately".

"If they pulled this on Independence Day in the US, imagine what would happen. It's just ridiculous," he said.

(I agree, Mr. Iemma. Can you picture what would happen if the promoters of the Indy 500 or the All Star game tried to ban US flags at those events? )

"It is a ridiculous decision and I never thought I'd see the day when a promoter would ask young Australian people to celebrate Australian artists but not identify with their national flag."

PM John Howard, of course, weighed in as well: "The event organizers should not ram their peculiar political views down the throats of young Australians who are only interested in a good day out. It's an insult to all the flag represents."

Indeed it is. And what's more, I have a feeling that those patriotic Australians who happen to be Muslims agree.

One answer to this kind of PC wackiness would be for the fans all over Australia - not just in Sydney- to take matters into their own hands and let the promoters of the Big Day Out know that they'll be boycotting the shows and asking for refunds unless they change their disloyal ways.

Money always talks the loudest, especially to people that make a fetish of how politically correct and morally upright they are.


Anonymous said...

while the people who are the subject of ff essay are more than a couple saucers short of a place setting, i think ff could have used a better analogy of the setting.
this is a rock festival. this is where artists are present. as opposed to the US baseball all-star game or the indy 500, a better, or worse, analogy would have been the sundance film festival or a dixie chicks concert. this would have been more in line with the artist thinking and would be widely accepted here in the US. my difference with ff being that the US would not tolerate this type of behavior. me thinks ff is not aware of the degree of dhimmitude prevalent in our, the US, society today.
just as a reference, i would like them to try something like this at any, and i do mean any, NASCAR event.
the actions of these aussies are nothing more than folk marxism.

Michael said...

Probably the best way for Aussies to respond to this, is to fly their flag!

Anonymous said...

speaking of flying the flag.......
the aussie waving the flage in the photo ff used appears to have a nice rack.

Freedom Fighter said...

Indeed she do!