Wednesday, January 03, 2007

How the US State Depatment and the White House covered for Yasir Arafat

Or, as renowned columnist Carolyn Glick puts it, the longest-running big lie.

Long standing Joshua's Army member Zeb Gardner earns a commendation for reminding me to post this...

At the beginning of this week, a certain State Department report was declassified.

It concerned the abduction of US diplomats George Curtis Moore and Cleo Noel from the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan on March 1, 1973 by Fatah terrorists.

The diplomats were held as hostages for the release by the US, Israel, Jordan and Germany of various prisoners including members of the Baader-Meinhof Gang, Black September commander Muhammed Awadh (Abu Daud), and Robert Kennedy's assassin Sirhan Sirhan.

When their demands were refused, the Fatah terrorists brutally tortured the two American diplomats to death. Their bodies were so disfigured that they were only identifiable by their fingerprints.

Yasir Arafat was the man who directly gave the order for these deaths, just as he directly ordered the murder of American Leon Klinghoffer, who was tossed over the side of the Achille Lauro in his wheelchair.

Arafat denied any responsibility for the attack. But his involvement in the murder of the diplomats became known from revelations by Romanian KGB defector Ilon Pappas and from a cable intercepted by NSA analyst James Welsh from Arafat in his Beirut headquarters to his Fatah agents in Khartoum ordering the attack.

Yet for 33 years, the State Department covered for Arafat by classifying the State Department report on the murders..even though they knew he had directly ordered them.

The reason why is obvious. In 1986, as Arafat's involvement became common knowledge, 44 US senators sent a letter to US attorney-general Edwin Meese asking for the Justice Department to investigate this and charge Arafat with the murders.

The State Department quashed this because "murder charges against Arafat would anger the United States' friends in the Arab world." Like the Saudis.

Nor was this a one time occurrence. In 2003, Fatah struck again, killing three American diplomats in Gaza, a crime for which no Palestinian has ever been punished.

And this whitewashing of Fatah continues to this day, even as the current US administration continues to fund this terrorist organization in defiance of US law with over $400 million of our tax dollars going to Arafat's long time deputy, Mahmoud Abbas and the terrorist groups he controls, Force 17 and the al Aksa martyr's brigades. All this while Abbas tries to form a unity government with even more blatant murderers of Americans, Hamas...

You have to wonder why our government continues to give money to terrorists that target Americans.

Or, perhaps it's not such a big surprise after all. The Saudis and the UAE take care of their friends quite well.

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Rosey said...

This is pretty disturbing...If our cars ran on soybean oil, would be putting up with this shit?