Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Palestinians must be protected

Sometimes, you have to say something.

We have before us the spectacle of helpless people being victimized and ethnically cleansed from their homes by an artificially created country in the Middle East that is the recipient of massive amounts of American aid, and is backed and armed by the US .

This is a major violation of international law and of every humanitarian principle. The UN has tried numerous times to redress this intolerable situation, and has been ignored by the nation guilty of these abuses...with full US backing in the international arena.

This must end.

The Palestinian people came to Iraq and were welcomed by that government. Many found careers and new homes in Iraq after being expelled from Kuwait by the Kuwaitis for collaborating with Saddam Hussein's invasion and were received as full citizens of Iraq...until the American invasion and the US backing of the current Shiite government.

With the fall of Saddam, thousands of Palestinians in Iraq were evicted from their homes and forcibly removed from their homes. They were given no compensation for their lost property.

There are still an estimated 15,000 Palestinians remaining in Iraq – less than half of the estimated figure in 2003. The few who remain live in constant fear of harassment, killings and kidnappings. Many who have tried to flee exist in limbo. They have no passports or visas, and many of them exist in refugee camps at the Syrian and Jordanian border, where their Arab brothers consistently refuse to take them in, making a mockery out of these countries' supposed concern for `justice for the Palestinians.'

Just today, in Baghdad, 17 Palestinians were abducted in Iraq from a UN rented house by men wearing the uniforms of the Iraqi security forces...and Iraqi politician Moqtada al-Sadr and the Shiite militias went public telling the rest of the Palestinians in Iraq to leave immediately or 'prepare to die'.

Yet the US continues to allow the oppression of the Palestinians by its proxy government in Iraq. Obviously, the well known Iraqi lobby and the Dearbornistan money people are weighing in.

Even more shameful is the way the media are basically ignoring this story....as opposed to the screaming headlines and widespread condemnation that would result if anything even remotely resembling this was occurring in another Middle Eastern country I could name who's inhabitants just happen to be Jews.


Anonymous said...

This certainly is a surprise, coming from you, ff. However, my sympathy for these people is limited, as you just clearly stated that they were expelled from Kuwait for aiding Saddam Hussein's invasion of said country.

Speaking of collaborating with our enemies, they surely couldn't be doing the same here in the good ol' US of A, right?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Nazar,
I think you missed my point.

The stuff in the first few paragraphs is the same sort of stuff said about that other Middle Eastern country I alluded to..you know, the one inhabited by those racist, evil Zionists.

And the stinger was inthe last paragraph..Israel is demonized while actually treating this people withmuchmore humanity than their Arab `brothers'.

Sarcasm all the way...


Michael said...

It looks like the palestinians are reaping what they have sowed. They take violence and terrorism wherever they go; it's no wonder even their fellow Arabs want nothing to do with them.