Friday, July 16, 2010

American Traitor Lynne Stewart Resentenced To 10 Years In Prison

Sometimes you roll the dice and get more than you bargained for.

Lynne Stewart, described in the NY Post as a 'civil rights lawyer' was originally sentenced to two years, four months in jail back in 2006 for her activities as the attorney for Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman, the so-called `blind Sheik'who was the mastermind behind the first World Trade Center bombing.

This 'civil rights lawyer' a member of the communist front National Lawyers Guild got her jail time for conspiring with two other defendents, Mohamed Yousry, an Arabic interpreter, and Ahmed Abdel Sattar, a U.S. postal worker to carry secret messages between the sheik and senior members of the fascist Muslim brotherhood and Rahman's al Qaeda-connected Islamic Group, in violation of the federal laws against providing material support to terrorists, rules of attorney client privilege and Federal rules she had agreed to designed to keep the blind cleric from inciting violence and plotting terrorist strategy with his followers as a prerequisite for representing Rahman.

Stewart used every legal trick she could to avoid being sent to jail, even to the extent of trying to have the court declare that Rahman's orders to his thugs were `protected speech'!

An appeals court finally ordered a new sentencing, saying the judge needed to consider whether she committed perjury. Federal Judge John Koeltl was happy to oblige..and since she did perjure herself, he's abided by the appellate court's order for new sentencing - 10 years in prison.

Once upon a time, we used to hang traitors.

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Anonymous said...

Too little too late. How many more like her are out there trying to bring down our country. Arguably Obama is a good example of this. Do you truely doubt he participated in anti-American activity in his pre-political days? Our "free press" has let us down, more then that they did us a dis-service and failed to investigate a man who ran for president. To this day his actual attendence at college is in doubt never mind his grades or actions during that time. I truely do not know if he was born in Africa or Hawaii but I do know a coverup when I see one and for some reason this part of his history was covered up and that cover-up continues. Who funded his many questionable escapades and fortuitous college experience? How did a pennyless "foriegner" (that's what he claimed on his application for a scholaship) to go to the most prestigious school in our country? Far too many unanswered questions.