Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Iowahawk Wants Andrew Breitbart's Money

As most of you know by now, faux conservative blogger Dave Weigel was busted over at the Washington Post by someone unknown who leaked the e-mail insults, death threats and school boy obscenities posted on uber Lefty blogger Ezra Klein's 'secret' site for media Lefty columnists and bloggers, Journolist.

Andrew Breitbart has offered a cool $100k for the archives, and none other than Iowahawk has 'em and is looking to collect:

Welcome to the Journolist Top Secret Progressive He-Man Wingnut Haters Club and L33t H4xoR Chat Room. Disclaimer: this is a private discussion forum intended solely for the benefit of JournoList members. Reproduction, transmission, redistribution, or description, in whole or in part, of any content (including, but not limited to, private insults, insider innuendo, political manifestos, hair styling tips and/or gossip) without the expressed written consent of the commissioner is strictly prohibited. Please read and agree to the User Consent Form. And, as always, remember the first rule of JournoList: there is no JournoList.

EZRA KLEIN has entered the room.
MATTHEW YGLESIAS has entered the room.
ERIC BOEHLERT has entered the room.

JOSH MARSHALL has entered the room.

EZRA KLEIN: wassup



EZRA KLEIN: hahahahahaha

MATTHEW YGLESIAS: whos got assignmt for 1st period talking points for tomorrow

JOSH MARSHALL: boehlert was supposed to get them from Mr Soros..

Read it all, it's funneee! ( language warning)

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