Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hysterically Funny Vid: Keef Olbermann Compares Shirley Sherrod To Dreyfuss Case!

I know, it's Glenn Beck but even so - their send up of Keefie is too laugh-out-loud funny!

As far as Olbermouth goes, as far as I'm concerned, comparing what happened to Alfred Dreyfus with what happened to Shirley Sherrod is frankly anti-Semitic. There's no comparison between the two.

What a sad buffoon of a man he is.

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Anonymous said...

The thing that makes it worse is that it was Obama and/or his administration that did it. Keef was trying to make it out to be FOX news and FOX didn't touch the story until after Obama fired the woman. But facts never get in the way of a good story for Keef.

B.Poster said...

I'm confusued. How can they make this about Fox News. Haven't they always referred to Fox News as "Faux News?" If Fox News is "Faux New," why would someone make a decision as serious as hiring or firing someone based upon what they report. Now they are saying they made a personnel decison based upon what Fox News reported. By doing this are they not saying Fox News has a track record of getting stories right? If so, then they don't really believe Fox News is "Faux News."

I'm not stating a case for or against Fox News. Fox News is simply a television news station not much different than any others. I'm simply pointing out what seems to be a contradiction in the actions of Mr. Obama, his team, and his allies.

Actually we can find a number of contradictions in the actions of this man, his team, his allied and the US government in general. This is just one of many. Sometimes its difficult to keep up. How can any of them be trusted?