Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome Alvin Greene!

Hi, Rob Miller.

Alvin Greene (greeneforsenate) is now following your tweets on Twitter.

A little information about Alvin Greene:

56 tweets
following 684 people

The country's most honest and most qualified Democrat Senate candidate is now following me on Twitter!

Well done, Mr. Greene.

If you were running against, say Lindsay Graham one state south instead of Jim DeMint, I might actually endorse you for the Senate!

please helps me write more gooder!


louielouie said...

this has got to be a generational thing. when i was growing up, a twit was, well, alvin greene.

louielouie said...

i would be/am curious as to how the DNC (socialist national committee) is going to use these twits, or is it tweets? if it's tweets, why not call it tweeter?
i digress.
will this mean they can monitor conservative sites, like ff, and not have to assign leftards to monitor various sites, leading up to the mid-terms. that way they could just swarm a site, instead of having a single person camp out and monitor the conservative site.
i was just wondering if there was gonna be a hall monitor at J/P during the run-up to the mid-terms.

Freedom Fighter said...

Uh, it's a tweet, not a twit.

There's something I like about Alvin Greene.

He looks to me to be the most honest and best qualified Democrat senate candidate I see out there.Except maybe Weekend Monkey.

BTW, the little guy is kicking himself because he didn't take a shot at the nomination, mostly because he figured DeMint is a shoe in and it would have been 10 Grand down the crapper.

But he realizes now how it would have raised his national profile. Can you imagine an interview with Monkey on CNN?

The rally/orgies at UNC? The torchlight parades of crazed adherents singing the Weekend Monkey campaign song?

Freedom Fighter said...

Trolls come and trolls go. As you know, I have my ways of dealing with them...

louielouie said...

the little guy is kicking himself because

i'd be willing to help out with that.

Freedom Fighter said...

I'll just bet you would.