Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shirley Sherrod Claims She's Going To Sue Breitbart!

Oh, I certainly hope she does sue him, after opening her big mouth once again.

First of all, since the White House fired her even before FOX News put out the original video, her suit would be laughed out of court. She cannot prove 'defamation' since she's a public figure. Nor can she prove harm, since Andrew Breibart was not the one who made the decision to fire her, and she's since been offered a promotion - of which she says 'I'm still thinkin' it over.'

If this goes to discovery,can you imagine what Breitbart is going to make of this?

The past statements on record of Ms. Sherrod and her husband? The full can of worms known as Pigford vs Vilsack and the huge amount of money she and her husband got 'for pain and suffering'?

And how about the subpoenas Breitbart will be able to issue to the White House, to find out who actually made the decision to fire Tom Vilsack, to whomever called and told Sharrod to 'pull to the side of the road'?

Make my day indeed.

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louielouie said...

dirty harry would never be made today.
calling a person of color punk.

yzernik said...

Technically, no one fired her. They just "asked" her to resign.

B.Poster said...

Does it matter any more what the merits of a case are? You just need to buy the right judge or if the ideology of you and the judge are in agreement he or she will rule in your favor regardless of the facts of the case or any monetary consideration.

The judiciary is dominated by left wing zealots. As such, it is going to be much easier for leftists and Democrats to find the proper judge.

In summary, Ms. Sherrod has a huge advantage in court poceedings. It will be extremely dificult for Mr. Brietbart to get a fair hearing of his side in the case.

If all else fails, Leftists and Democrats can use the media and the Government beuracracy that they control to destroy their opponents. Good luck and Godspeed Mr. Brietbart.

Finally, Mr. Obama and his team fired Ms. Sherrod before all the facts came out. This has put him in the awkward position of having to offer her a new position and to apologize to her. If he had simply manned-up and admitted the error he and his supporters blamed Fox News!!

This is not the right stuff of good leadership. It suggests an impulsive person who acts based on his feelings at a certain moment in time. Such people are unfit to lead a small group much less an entire nation of over 300 million people.