Monday, July 05, 2010

Presbyterian Church's Middle East Study - Too Anti-Semitic Even For J-Street

The Presbyterian Church establishment has never made any secret about its disdain for Israel - in direct conflict with the Scripture they claim to be based on.

The church's Middle East Study Committee Report currently under consideration for the PC(USA)’s General Assembly in support of divestment recently came under criticism from one if the Jewish groups it cites in the report’s introductory “Letter to our American Jewish Friends”....none other than our old friends, J-Street:

Rachel Lerner, vice president of J Street, spoke at a breakfast held at the Hyatt in Minneapolis a few blocks away from the convention center where the PC(USA)‘s General Assembly is taking place. The breakfast was organized by Presbyterians for Middle East Peace, a group calling on the General Assembly to reject the MESC report.

Lerner said “Supporting a Palestinian state does not, should not, and cannot mean tearing down Israel.”

She described the report as so one-sided that even J Street activists would not want to partner with the PC(USA) in its peacemaking activism if the report were to be approved “because it will push them into a corner a force them into a defensive stance.”

However, in true J-Street form, she denied that the organization was going to do anything concrete about it.

"I want to be very clear about this -- this is not meant to be a threat. If this is passed we will not be issuing a directive to our locals that they cannot partner with local Presbyterian churches -- but with the passage of this study, the Church will alienate us and as a result our activists will not want to work with you and this will damage completely the possibility of a future relationship.”

This is in line with the organization's removal of the pro-Israel part of its 'pro-Israel, pro-peace' slogan.

“I was, to be perfectly honest -- surprised and saddened and to be very, very honest, sometimes even angered by what I read,” Lerner said.

“When I read the proposed study document, I felt myself moving into a self-protective position. I was truly so disturbed by what I was reading -- unable to find a familiar or even a just a balanced narrative in these pages, I found myself using language I don’t normally use, clinging to defensive positions, which surprised me, to be honest.”

Why are you surprised? Did J Street actually believe that anti-Israel doesn't equal anti-Semitic? Did they really fail to realize that the Islamist/Left alliance that funds them, in the last analysis, simply want Israel gone? Did they really think that J-Street was being used as anything but a smokescreen for that?

Yes...they probably did. Not only are they treasonous,cowardly self-hating little scumbags worthy of Dante's lowest circle of Hell, but they're clueless as well. I doubt this will be a wake up call, but such epiphanies are always possible.

Lenin's phrase 'useful idiots' comes to mind.

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