Monday, July 26, 2010

Video: The Real Price Tag For 'Palestinian Aid'

The 'Palestinians' have received more aid per capita than any other group, and we're constantly hearing how impoverished they are, It has to be the most successful con game in history.

As I have written previously, a large chunk of that aid has been simply stolen and squirreled away in a fashion that would make the Mafia green with envy.

Arafat's own accountant, Fuad Shubaki sung like a bird and revealed the details behind how Arafat and his fellow thugs in Fatah skimmed aid money and stole millions.

The 'Palestinian' leadership even had its greasy fingers on valuable medicines donated to the Palestinians by groups like OxFam, the International Red Cross, the EU and the UN (and of course, the American taxpayer).

For years, senior Fatah officials controlling made a bundle by systematically stealing the medicines and replacing them with worthless placebo pills, and then taking the real medicines to warehouses in Ramallah and Shechem(Nablus) for sale at premium prices on the black market.

The above video looks at some of these scam and asks the question: what did all this aid cost the truly needy in the world? Where could this money have gone instead? Why have the Palestinians continued to receive so much largess, even after they've been caught stealing so many times?

I can answer the last question.

The Palestinians picked the right enemy.

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