Wednesday, July 14, 2010

France Celebrates Bastille Day - By Banning the Veil

The commemoration of the storming of the Bastille prison is how France celebrates its independence, Le FĂȘte Nationale.

And in an entirely fitting way, the French did something very meaningful in the name of freedom for Muslim women when their National Assembly voted 335-1 to ban wearing face-covering veils in public.

Justice Minister Michele Alliot-Marie called the vote a victory for democracy and French values: "Values of freedom against all the oppressions which try to humiliate individuals; values of equality between men and women, against those who push for inequality and injustice."

According to the legislation, covering one's face in a public place will net the perpetrator a fine of about $185 or community service. Even better, the law recognizes the intimidation that many Muslim women face. Anyone who forces someone to wear the veil can be sentenced to a fine of about $38,000 or a year in prison...and the sentence can doubled if the wearer is a minor. The law doesn't specify the niqab, but there's no question that this is designed to help integrate Muslims into France, promote womens rights and clamp down on Islamists.

A year ago, French President Nicholas Sarkozy said in no uncertain terms that the burka was "not welcome" in France and labeled it "not a sign of religion but a sign of subservience." He was entirely correct as far as I'm concerned.

Some Muslim in France have expressed outrage over the new law and complained that it is a sign of Islamophobia aimed at stigmatizing them and their faith.

There are quite a few countries where they can easily find the sort of society they prefer, at kleast when it comes to how women are treated. And there is certainly nothing stopping them from moving.

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independent patriot said...

They alwys calim islamaphobia but promote the msot vile nazi-like anti-semtism. Isn't it sad that the French have now become the protectors of humanity while the US cowers in the corner. Who wouda thunk it?

B.Poster said...

Tbis is a good move by France!! I wish we would follow suit and ban the veil here as well. The French should follow this up by doing the following: 1.)placing a moratorium on immigration to their country from Muslim nations, 2.)closely scrutinize the mosques in their country, and 3.)support Israel in the UN.

In any event, this is a good start by the French. With America bankrupt with a struggling economy and a worn down technologically inferior and poorly led military it may be up to the French to lead the cause for freedom.

This is NOT meant to be a deragatory comment against the American military. It is simply to point out that our brave men and women who signed up to defend our nation deserve better leadership both within the military and within Congress!!

Anonymous said...

A fave Brigitte Bardot story of mine ( Bardot is very pro-Israel & supported the IDF when they countered the terrorists in Jan 2009 ) : About 30 years ago, a friend sent me this Brigitte story in a letter ( I can't source it, but I believe it's true ) : Pendant un entretien un journaliste OSE demander a Brigitte Bardot : -- " Qu'est-ce que vous vous mettez la nuit ? " -- Reponse : -- " Du Chanel numero cinq ! " ( Not to worry, translation follows : During an interview a journalist DARED to ask Brigitte Bardot : -- " What do you wear at night ? " -- Response : -- " Chanel Number 5 ! " ) [ A commenter at a French site where I recounted this anecdote believes that I am mistaken & that Marilyn Monroe was the source of the comment but was unable to source that claim, &, since I have heard it mentioned orally twice or thrice, & since it was invariably in the French, I still believe the story. Perhaps both of them responded thus to similar questions. ] -- dragon/dinosaur