Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lies, Fairy Tales And Palestinian Groupies

It never ceases to amaze me the way Palestinian groupies manipulate fact and indulge in pure fantasy and moral relativism to promulgate the myth of the Evil Jew Settler and the poor oppressed 'Palestinians'.

Sigrid Rausing in the July 12th New Statesman provides us with a classic example.

She bemoans the fact that the 'Palestinians' do not get 'the privileges that flow from army service, such as subsidised education and housing' - never mind that most of these people aren't even Israeli citizens in the first place, let alone could not be trusted to turn any arms they were issued on their Jewish, Druse and Bedouin comrades.

She finds it inconceivable that the majority of Israelis, or as she calls them , 'people on the right' actually worry about Israel's security and take the violent anti-Semitism of much of the Muslim world that is expressed in their mosques, media and schools and the open threats of genocide from Iran's Ahmadinjad and the charter of Hamas seriously.

She lauds far Left Israeli NGO's funded by the EU who are doing their best to undermine the country, and refers to Kiryat Arba as a 'settler suburb' with only 600 Jews in it protected by twice that amount of IDF soldiers.

The entire narrative is one of oppressed Arabs victimized by violent settlers.

And you know what? You could use this particular fertilizer to great effect in your garden.

The last time I checked, there are 22 Arab countries the 'Palestinians' can live in, including the actual Palestinian state, Jordan (over 80% 'Palestinian' on 79% of the original Palestine mandate, with a minority Bedouin Hashemite monarchy imposed on them by Britain in 1923).

Virtually all those countries are Judenrein, having ethnically cleansed almost a million Jews after 1948,almost all of whom were lucky to get out withthe clothes on their backs. There are hardly any of these countries that a Jew could even visit, let alone live in today.

And the writer quibbles about a few Jews living in their historic community of Hebron? Oh, and by the way, there are almost ten thousand Jews living in the Jewish community of Kiryat Arba, not 600. I know, it kind of destroys the myth of the minority of horrible settler foisted upon the peaceful Arabs, but those are the real numbers. Did she even go there? Or did she just see what she wanted to see?

The Palestinian groupie who wrote this bemoans a partially bulldozed 'Palestinian' cemetary, but has she ever seen what happened to the synagogues in Gaza? To Ezekiel's tomb in Iraq? Rachel's Tomb? Joseph's Tomb? The wholesale destruction of the synagogues, Jewish cemeteries and holy sites in Jerusalem after 1948? The desecration of the Caves of the Patriarchs in Hebron?

And speaking of Hebron, I suggest that interested readers do their own research and find out for themselves what happened to the peaceful, non-combatant Jewish community in Hebron at the hands of the Arabs in 1929.Ms. Rausing alludes briefly to the fact that the Jews of Hebron were 'killed in 1929. 'Killed' doesn't tell half of it.

After all that, after the cynical use of the Oslo Accords to build up an army for the war unleashed on Israel's civilians by Arafat, the Pals are lucky they're still allowed to live in Hebron.

If Sigrid Rausing is so exercised about the right of Arabs to live in Israel, does she ever spare a thought for the de facto apartheid for Jews in almost the entire Muslim world? Or the rights of those refugees?

Who's kidding whom here?

A little song n' dance a go go for Sigrid Rausing and her soulmates:

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