Friday, July 09, 2010

San Francisco Pols Table 'No Pets' Law

In a meeting last night, the San Francisco Commission of Animal Control and Welfare voted to table proposed legislation that would have banned all pet sales in the city.

I wonder if the gerbil and hamster lovers lobby threatened to sue...

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B.Poster said...

Actually I think it was the fish lobby. I mean have you seen how they put those fish into such small aquiriams. The poor little creatures have so little room to swim around. Its just torture on the poor little creatures. Also, so many owners fail to clean the tanks properly adding to the torture on the poor little creatures.

If you were going to ban pet sales, you would have to ban the sales of fish as well. The fish owners lobby saw this coming and realized their item would be next to be banned. Therefore they rose up and lobbied San Francisco not to ban the sales of pets. They realized the "slippery slope" in banning all pet sales except for fish, realizing fish would be next to be banned.

Okay now saracasm off. Serioulsy don't these people have any thing better to do than to worry about who buys pets. Is all of CA like this? If so, this might explain why the state seems to be such an economic basket case. Oh well the rest of the states aren't much better off. They may be joining CA soon enough.

A bit off topic but the only way for the states to avoid insolvency may be to declare independence from the Union. Why should a state allow for a bankrupt and incompetent federal government to pull it down? The last time someone tried this a fellow by the name of Abraham Linclon sent the military to keep the states in the union. Of course it should be noted that the reasons for separating from the union then and the reasons for separating from it now were/are vastly different. Would a current President send the military to hold the Union together? Would the military actually fire on civilians?

Finally, it should be noted we are not at the point yet where separation from the Union would be a serious consideration but if both major political parties in DC continue the same path the day where such a move would be seriously considered may come.

Anonymous said...

Seriously its hard to believe with all the problems America and its communities face that the government of SF would even have time to focus on such a minor issue. Of course if this about expansion of government power and the trampling of constitutional liberties that's another matter enirely.