Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Obama To Support UN Anti-Israel Witch Hunt?

Interesting if true.

According to Bill Kristol's sources, senior Obama administration officials have been telling foreign governments that the US will get behind a UN effort to set up an 'independent investigative commission' to railroad Israel over the Gaza flotilla incident.

I use the word 'railroad' deliberately, because the UN has pretty much evolved into a forum to delegitimize and attack Israel, almost to the point of obsession. Only the opposition of the US and a few other countries on occasion has fended off the more egregious attempts.

Rest assured that any UN 'investigation' will focus solely on Israel rather than Turkey, the IHH or Hamas.

According to Kristol, Obama's UN Ambassador Susan Rice has been pushing heavily for this in between her forays into Manhattan social life, but the decision was ultimately President Obama's.

If this goes down, it could have an interesting blowback against the US, especially in view of the WikiLeaks story. It sets a precedent for UN investigations of American troops and intelligence personnel for 'human rights violations' in places like Afghanistan.

This is a decent chance that we will see this shelved, perhaps even a White House denial of this. That does not mean that Kristol is wrong and this story is false.

With the mid terms coming up, Obama and the Democrats are still trying to troll for Jewish votes and Jewish money by acting as if the chill between the Obama Administration and Israel is a thing of the past. Obama sponsoring a UN lynching against Israel doesn't exactly help the act along.

Kristol and the Weekly Standard publicizing this could very well have a role in getting Obama to back off.

It's gone down that way before.

(hat tip, EDR)

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Unknown said...

I am sharing your information on my blog, "Real Americans Defend Israel" ..
this comes as no surprise about Obama's split personality towards Israel.



B.Poster said...

"This could have an interesting blowback...." I must admit when I first saw the headline this was my second thought. My first thought was the US has often been railroaded in the UN and other international bodies. Why should it want to mistreat someone else in the same fashion that it is routinely mistreated. Would such a base betraying of Israel send a message to those who don't like the US that it is okay to mistreat the US.

Your thought on blowback came to mind as well. I think it would have an adverse effect on American interests. After going after Israel America would be the next target. After this it would be the nations of Western Europe, Austrailia, and Canada. Russia and China the two most powerful nations on earth will probably always be able to shield themselves for the foreseeable future.

Finally, if Israel is forced to cede land to another entity, who would be next on the chopping block? I'm thinking it would be America. Specifically the international community will move against America to try and force it to give back lands taken from Mexico during the Mexican/American war. Also, Mexico wants Texas back as well. Might America be forced by the international community to give cede Texas to Mexico.

My advice to American and other "Western" leaders would be to be extremely careful how you treat others. Those standards you apply to others may be used against you. I say this becuase I don't often see any "Western" leaders making a serious stand for Israel. For example, Austrailia may be forced to give back lands taken from the original inhabitants at some point in the near future. I don't see many Austrailian leaders (I haven't seen any) taking a stand against the road map.

louielouie said...

as i see it, hussein views israel as THE problem in the M/E.
hussein views israel as an extension of the colonial west.
hussein views israel as a means of subjugating the US before the ummah.
please, do share details of this, alleged, SPLIT of hussein's personality towards israel?

Unknown said...

Here's how I see it ... the worse Obama treats Israel, the more problems America seems to have ... when I look at 3,000 plus years of Israel's history, no one ever gets away with beating her to death forever; and I do not believe in coincidences. Every thing unplanned, that's like a detour in the road, has popped up because someone higher than Obama's patience is running thin. It would be appropriate for Congress and the House to follow through with Impeachment proceedings - or put him in a padded room!