Monday, July 26, 2010

WikiLeaks Leaked Nothing

The big story today is the revelation that website WikiLeaks released a storm of 92,000 classified documents concerning the war in Afghanistan via the usual channels, like Pravda-On-The Hudson.

Let's be clear about something - WikiLeaks is simply a conduit. This material was leaked from someone with an agenda inside the Department of Defense, the State department or the Obama Administration itself.

The material itself is nothing earth shattering for anyone who has been following what's going on in Afghanistan.Corruption in the Afghan government, Iran and elements of the Pakistani government actively assisting the Taliban and other Islamist groups at war with us, a few friendly fire incidents and civilian collateral damage - none of this is exactly a mystery.

What is fascinating is the Obama Administration's reaction.These are people who have always considered Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame a 'hero' rather than a traitor who endangered the lives of thousands by leaking classified documents during the Vietnam War.

Yet now, with the shoe on the other foot,Administration spokesholes like NSA Jim Jones are calling the WikiLeaks 'irresponsible' and 'a danger to national security'!

Is the Administration going to search out and arrest the leaker?

After all, when Valerie Plame was publicized as working for the CIA - which was certainly no secret - people like the good folks over New York Times went absolutely insane over the matter.

Any bets on whether that will happen now?

The back story, in my opinion is that this is merely a way of prepping the American people for a withdrawal from Afghanistan, as soon as General Petraeus manages to calmth ewaters enough so we can leave without it looking like a headlong retreat.

After which, of course, Barack Obama will take the credit for 'ending two wars' . Even though as a Senator he did everything possible to sabotage the war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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B.Poster said...

"Yet now with the shoe on the other foot...." When I read stories like this, the law of sewing and reaping comes to mind. Specifically we should treat others how we would wish to be treated.

The Administration and their allies have sought to undermine and undercut others in the most dispicable and dishonest ways. As such, they should hardly be surprised when nasty things are done to them.