Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Racist By Any Other Name

The main story in the 'sphere today concerns one Shirley Sherrod, the USDA's Georgia director of Rural Development who 'resigned' after Andrew Breitbart aired a clip of her speaking to an NAACP audience and confessing that she didn't 'give the full force of my help' to a white farmer facing bankruptcy because 'his own kind could take care of him.'

True to their fully deserved reputation for supporting justice and racial equality, the NAACP audience laughed and expressed their appreciation at that part of the speech. This was just days after the NAACP accused the Tea Party movement of racism.

As it turns out the video was edited ( Breitbart insists he didn't do it) and the balance of the speech turns out to be mere boiler plate class warfare rhetoric, wherein Sherrod insists that she learned that her attitude was wrong.

Well, actually, she learned nothing. She actually is a racist the way I see it. And so is a good part of her audience.

If you look at the entire clip, it's quite clear she sees things in black and white, them and us terms.To her, it's still all about racial bean counting, and she's really simply a class warfare kommissar. She just uses race as a tool to justify her views.Take a look at this three minute snippet from the part of the video Breitbart didn't release and make up your own mind:

Sherrod claims that the White House forced her to resign. Awww.

So are we supposed to be upset because this political hack was sacrificed by her own because they want to save the race card for themselves to use in the coming midterm?


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Anonymous said...

If we assume that the White House did force her resignation, I see that as a positive thing. it is the first time that the Obama Administration has held an African-American to the same standard on civil rights that it would hold a white person.

Right Truth said...

I'm withholding my final conclusion on this one for a while.

It would have been good if Breitbart had been given the full tape to begin with, posted it all, and allowed people to form their own opinions.

As it is, the left will try to use this as a "gotcha" moment against Breitbart. They will use Sherrod as the injured party. She will probably get her job back, even Glenn Beck is calling for her to be reinstated.

Nobody really wins here. We all know the NAACP is made up of racists. Their giggles and moans of approval at things like this confirm it.

But I don't see any winners in this instance. The fact that the farmer and his wife have come out in her defense says something, but now sure just what yet.

I would like to see some other video of her, more recent video.

Right Truth

Freedom Fighter said...

Oh, I think its about fifty fifty that they'll re-instate her.

She made a mistake by going public with the fact they forced her out, and that was a mistake on her part.

I don't think it will have any effect at all on Breitbart. Two weeks from now, no one will even remember it.


Right Truth said...

I should really proof read and correct my typing before I post a comment, sorry for the typos.

You are probably right about Breitbart.

B.Poster said...

When I read this, I'm thinking about the laws of sewing and reaping. Assuming she is not reinstated, Ms. Sherrod will simply be reaping what the NAACP has sewn all of these years. The "left" has taken out of context the words of many people over the years and used them to destroy people. Now one of their own may be having the same thing done to them. Also, if you associate with people who use such tactics, it is the same as though you are using them yourself. In other words, she should hardly be surprised she got hit with the same tactics her pals have used to destroy others. Specifically take their words out of context and use it to destroy them.

FF estimates there is a 50/50 chance she will be reinstated. I estimate it is a 90% chance she will be reinstated.

As for Mr. Breitbart, if it shown that he edited the tapes himself, his career as a journalist is finished. He will be sued for libel and every thing he has will be taken from him. If someone can establish he edited these tapes himself, this story will not die down but it will widely disbursed to "prove" that critics of the NAACP are racists.

In sumamry, the questions are did Mr. Breitbart edit these tapes himself, did someone on his staff do it, how did he get these tapes? This may turn out to be a negative for the opponents of NAACP and Barack Obama.

B.Poster said...

The Administration now says the firing was unjust. What does this mean? It means in firing this individual the Administration acted on impulse without getting all of the facts. It might be one thing if the Administration had fired her and then six months later new facts come to light that indicate the firing was unjust but all of this took place in less than 24 hours. This suggests that this Administration is quick to judge and acts on impulse without getting all of the facts.

People who act quickly on impulse based upon raw emotion without getting all of the facts are not the right stuff for leadership. Also, the same applies for those who act strictly based upon what they deem to be popular. Needless to say this episode does not inspire confidence in this President or his team.