Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Coming Democrat Meltdown; Congressman Attacked For Lying About Black Panther Case

Brad Sherman is the veteran 4 term Democrat Congressman for the 27th District, which covers most of the suburban San Fernando Valley and the city of Burbank. It's a reliably blue district that went for Obama in 2008 by 66%, with a high proportion of reliably Liberal Jews.

With that in mind, watch what happens at this townhall meeting when Sherman tries lying his way out of a question from one of his constituents about the Obama Justice Department's bigoted handling of the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case:

If this is how people in a blue district who almost instinctively vote Democrat feel about how the Obama Administration is behaving, can you imagine the level of reaction in the swing areas? And what it means for Democrats like Sherman who have an election to face in a few months?

For the record,I know Brad Sherman, or thought I did. I don't live in his district, but we spent time together in the pre-Obama days at several pro-Israel functions.I was impressed enough by his record and demeanor to toss him a few dollars for his campaign and I often cited him as evidence that Democrats existed who weren't insane. Anytime I wanted to talk politics or policy, I could usually count on getting a few minutes or a response to an e-mail from Brad, or his staff if he was in DC.

After the Obama Regime took over, both the Congressman and his staff refused to comment or return calls or e-mails once I started asking about the Obama Administration's poisonous policies on Israel or Sherman's party line votes on virtually the entire Obama agenda.After a few tries, I got the message.

Brad's a nice guy personally, but like a lot of Democrats he obviously made the decision that his status as a loyal Donkey and lackey of the Obama Administration means more to him than the wishes and well-being of his constituents.Or the country, for that matter.

A number of them will pay a price for that overweening arrogance come November.

(hat tip to John)

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louielouie said...

there's something i was going to say about hair and a sack but can't remember what it was at this time.
dims pick up 10 seats in the house.
dims pick up 2 seats in the senate.
the votes have been counted, and it is done.
have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

The GOP must remind people of the consequences of the Dems' draconian med care alterations in the Autumn. At some point later this year, Congress will have to vote re the Medicare cuts. They might, for election purposes, temporarily continue with current funding, or they can face the wrath of a lot of old people immediately. As the Massachusetts Senatorial election demonstrated, this is the 1 issue which is the Achilles' heel for them. The GOP must publicise this vote & matter in any manner & fashion possible. Perhaps, they could copy the suffragettes & their methods. The congressional Republicans could conduct sit-ins & slow-as-snail walks through Washington to the Capitol building. After all, under Article 1, Section 6, they are privileged from any arrest in going to & returning from their House & Senate ( save for treason, felony, & breach of the peace -- but we're talking about walking in this case ). The media will sneer, but the people will cheer. This is the issue. Additionally, it would make sense to concentrate on swing states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire & al. Ignore Obama ; he is not on the ballot. Please ignore all red herrings, eg, sex scandals ( don't be Lewinskyed again! ) Please don't screw this up, GOP ! --dragon/dinosaur

louielouie said...

while i agree with the premise of d/d comment, i do not share his/her faith in the gop people currently in deecee. they are by definition spineless, and will therefore cave at the first challenge by the media.
an example if you will, from d/d own post:
The GOP must remind people of the consequences of the Dems' draconian med care alterations in the Autumn.
yeah, good luck with that.
another commenter here at J/P offers what i think is the true difference between the dims/reps currently in congress, by stating their views on how fast this nation should become socialist.
the dims say right now this day.
the reps say let's wait a week or so.
imo, the litmus test must be measures such as the immigration law in arizona and the bill regarding sharia law in the state of oklahoma.
it is not the gop we need look to, but people who believe in small gov't, secure borders, sound fiscal policy, and the will to send in the marines to destroy any nation(s) that threatens our sovereignty. they must be people with conservative, not gop positions.
for the record, i think the video does more harm than good for the up coming election. what the congressman said doesn't matter. the reaction from the crowd will be used by every liberal as an example of the type of people who want to run our country. do you want a mob like this running this country? they will ask. the congressman answered correctly when he stated that those comments may be out in the internet somewhere. the congressman is secure in retaining his seat.
......... i'm trying to recall that comment about a sack and hair, but it still doesn't come to me.......

Anonymous said...

To louielouie from dragon/dinosaur : nil desperandum ! as Teucer exclaimed, Don't despair ! This is a mid-term election ; ' you know who ' is not on the ballot. This is the season for adults. Mid-terms are wonderful : do you recall the congress elected in 1866 ? How about the congress elected in 1946 ? How about the congress elected in 1994 ? Weren't those wonderfully effective congresses ? The congress elected in 1972 was not a mid-term one, but it was the equivalent of one owing to the prez election idiosyncrasies, & it ended the Vietnam War & passed the ERA ( Equal Rights Amendment ) & sent it to the states, where it tragically was buried. xxx The key to Nov victory is reminding people about all the new taxes & Medicare cuts. Please don't be red-herringed by Arizona : that's Zero's decoy : he's trying to galvanise the Spanish-speakers. Think of me as a sympathetic Sacagawea pointing you to the covert footpath leading to the quiet crossing where you can cross the swift stream safely. The post 1977, the post Ford, GOP, as an entity, holds no allure for me, but they are the only spanner available to throw into the Dems' works in order to gum things up. It's all we have till people are willing to vote Libertarian. As Voltaire put it : Better Red Than Dead ! xxx Some suggested slogans for the GOP : 1) Not Your Grandparents' GOP, 2) Better Red Than Dead, 3) This November Take The Red Pill, 4) Tea For Two ... Hundred 999 Million Sane Yanks. xxx But as the Greek exclaimed, ' Don't Despair ! ' Or how about Jim Morrison's ' the time to hesitate is through, no time to wallow in the mire! ' Or simply ' Don't Panic ! ' ( Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy ) or even ' Score, Team, Score ! ' Choose something ' gnarly' , as the kids put it. I have to run : I'm leaving on a very long business trip on Thursday for my company, & I probably won't be able to revisit this site till perhaps mid-August. Regards --dragon/dinosaur

Freedom Fighter said...

Bonne chance und eine gute reise, DD.

Anonymous said...

Merci & Happy Bastille Day to all ! --dragon/dinosaur