Monday, December 06, 2010

The Atlantic's Jeff Goldberg: 'Don't Donate To Those Rich Jews For Israel's Fire Relief Fund'

I've long known the Atlantic has at least one resident Jew hater and Israel basher in Andrew Sullivan. It appears the virus has spread to Jeff Goldberg as well...

In response to the catastrophic forest fires in Israel, the Jewish National Fund has mounted a special campaign asking for donations for its "Forest Fire Emergency Campaign."

Goldberg urges people not to donate, because after all, those Rich Jew Boys have plenty of money, and besides, it's all their own fault anyway for not having their fire services up to Goldberg's standards, him being an expert and all.

Donate to Haiti, to Muslims in East Asia hit by tsunamis, to the 'Palestinians' for no apparent reason, to every other disaster under the sun, fine. But Israel? No way, not according to Goldberg. And the fact that he singles Israel out for special treatment...well, there's a word for that.

Israel's fire fighting services were more than adequate for years until they were suddenly hit with a number of fires the country had never experienced before where arson is suspected apparently doesn't interest him in the least.

I used to wonder how people like this rationalize this kind of poisonous bile, but at this point, I realize that for a lot of them, Jew hatred and Israel bashing is simply a way of maintaining their Leftist credentials.

And the fact that Goldberg may consider himself a Jew means nothing compared to that. He's simply too far enmeshed in the web.

You have to feel sorry for him - almost.

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Independent Patriot said...

Goldberg also went to Cuba and told everyone how wonderful Castro take it from whom it asshole is an asshole no matter what.

yzernik said...

Indeed, he is a cockroach. Everyone knows what an imbecile this guy is. He is the ideal "pro-Israel" straw man, because he is "pro-Israel" in the same sense that J Street is "pro-Israel".

Rosey said...

I hate Jew Hating Jews. Embarrassed to be Jews. Yeccch.