Sunday, December 12, 2010

The UN Plans A Special 9/11 Insult

On 9/11/11, New Yorkers and their fellow Americans will be commemorating the tenth anniversary of the most devastating attack ever to hit our shores.

And on the same date, the UN is going have a celebration of its own, They're going to be holding Durban III, the latest edition of Durban I, the so-called 'International Conference Against Racism'.

Durban I, held in South Africa can best be described as one of the most public and virulent orgies of outright Jew hatred since the Holocaust, which is pretty much how the late Congressman Tom Lantos, a Holocaust survivor who was there described it.

Participants at the original conference, which ended three days before 9/11, openly celebrated Islamic terrorism and produced the infamous Durban Declaration and Programme of Action (DDPA), which equates Zionism with racism and castigates Israel and no other country. It was presided over by Mary Robinson, then United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

During the Conference itself, mobs supposedly affiliated with 'NGO's'(Non-Governmental organizations) converged on the conference site with wildly anti-Israel and anti-Semitic demonstrations.One of the leaders was Bishop Desmond Tutu. As a revealing aside, it's worth noting that Mary Robinson and Desmond Tutu were the first choices to receive the Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama .

The Durban Jewish Community Center, which had been a meeting place for Jewish NGOs from various countries attending the conference had to be shut down, and the City of Durban required the Jewish delegates to leave with a police escort because their safety couldn’t be guaranteed if they remained. It got so bad that the US and the Europeans ended up walking out in disgust.Below is a sample of one of leaflets being passed out freely:

Durban II, held in Geneva in April 2009 on Hitler's birthday, was essentially a continuation of Durban I, and reaffirmed the DDPA. Most of the European nations boycotted it, as did the US the very last minute, 48 hours beforehand.. It featured Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad making a keynote speech that was essentially a tirade against Israel and featured Holocaust denial. It was so racist that it prompted a mass walkout of those European delegates that had attended.

Last month, Yemen sponsored a resolution calling for Durban III to be held at the UN on September 11th, 2011. It passed 121 to 19, with 35 abstentions.Durban III, according to the UN is intended to “reaffirm that the DDPA provides the most comprehensive UN framework for combating racism.”

Other items reportedly on the agenda aside from Israel include the supposed escalation of Islamophobia and 'anti-blasphemy' resolutions that are aimed at providing legal consequences to anyone critical of Islam.

Unlike Durban II, the entire European Union has agreed to participate Durban III and work towards a unanimous declaration,which will likely not only enshrine the anti-Islamophobia position but further demonize Israel.

Canada has led the way in announcing that it plans to boycott what it terms "a hatefest" that scapegoats Israel and “promotes racism rather than combats it.”

And the US? While the American delegation voted against the resolution to hold Durban III, the Obama Administration has given no indication that it plans not to participate. Nor has it put its foot down and said that the latest version of this obscene carnival is simply not welcome in America.

Chew on that for a second. While Americans are memorializing 9/11, over at Turtle Bay the UN will be holding a cynical commemoration of the sentiments that perpetrated it, in the same city where it occurred.That's an insult to everything this country stands for.

Will Barack Obama man up and pull the plug on this? Time will tell.

(hat tip to my good friend and ace reporter Benjamin Weinthal for sending this my way...vielen danke!)

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