Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rome Hit By Embassy Bombings

Rome was hit today by three separate terrorist attacks that targeted foreign embassies.

All three attacks were made via parcel bombs.

The first one exploded at the Swiss embassy, seriously injuring an employee there who opened it. A second one exploded at the Chilean embassy, also injuring one employee there.

A third parcel bomb at the Ukrainian embassy failed to explode, and was later found to be a 'dummy' with no explosives inside of it.

No one has taken responsibility for the attacks, but the media is speculating that anarchists and student protesters are behind this. Rome was hit just last week with violent student protests over increased tuition fees and austerity budgeting.

I personally think that there may be jihadists at work since the bombs were sent to foreign embassies rather than Italian government buildings, and the choice of the Switzerland's embassy where the voters banned minarets and just recently adopted tougher rules on deporting immigrants (read 'Muslims') is a clue that adherents of the Religion of Peace might be involved.

The Italian Carabinieri and counter terrorism forces are said to be investigating what they term 'an international angle.'

UPDATE: According to Italian news sources, anarchist groups have claimed responsibility for the bombings and promise more to come 'until the system is brought down.'

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Anonymous said...

There! That should reduce tuition costs!!! Duh!

Freedom Fighter said...

I'm not so sure it was 'students'.