Thursday, December 09, 2010

Weekend Monkey And The Real Banana On Politics: A Primary Challenge For Obama?

Hidey Ho, Primates! Welcome to the one and only Real Banana, your source for the real poop on politics.

Let's do it and get to it..

Barack Obama is getting it from all sides. In a few short months, not only has he succeeded in driving the ReThugs crazy, but most of the independents are screaming for his head and surprisingly, so are a lot of my Democrats.The Obama voodoo is in deep ape doodoo.

The last straw was this new deal with the ReThugs on extending the Bush tax cuts in exchange for extending unemployment benefits for those outta work primates who don't work for the government, and it seemed like a reasonable deal to me...nobody got quite what they wanted,but they got what they needed, something that happens in the political jungle all the time..or at least it used to.

But now, the deal's exploded with Pelosi and the Lame Ducks in the House taking their revenge and refusing to vote it in...and that was like an hour after Obama went to them and tried to sell them on the deal. Hey, I even heard one of them was yelling"F#@k the president"..probably one of his homies on the CBC, hee hee hee!

See, this is Obama's own fault. You don't make a deal with the ReThugs and then howl about how they're hostage takers and poison puppies in people's backyards..heck, previous presidents didn't even do that with the Russkis during the Cold War.It like, revs up the primates when you want them to be relaxed.Is it any wonder Pelosi and the troops went postal?

Not only that, but he pissed off the ReThugs. They already let him know that nothing he wants in the Lame Duckie session is gonna go through without those tax cuts, and not only was he slinging poop at them but now it looks like even if they make an agreement with him, he can't deliver his end. And remember, they're not his friends anyway.

Anyway, the big noyze is that a lotta Democrats are thinking regime change come 2012.Could it happen? And more importantly, who might try and knock Obama off the top of the tree?

Shrillery? Well, maybe. She keeps saying she has no interest in running, this is her last government job, yadda yadda. That tells me for sure that she's interested if the odds look right, and if I were Obama I'd be real careful about accepting anything to eat or drink from Shrillery. Trust me, neither she or Mister Bill have forgotten how they were hoo-milliated by Obama back in '08.

But to tell you the truth, I think that if Obama's gonna get wacked, it's gonna be someone from the Left. That's really where the Donkey's strength lies, if we're talking going after the nomination. Or to put it another way, somebody who can outflank Obama in places like Boston, Manhattan and L.A. Perrr-grressives.

But who? That, primates, is the question.

It would have to be somebody who can get George Soros' seal of approval, ideally somebody who's well known in progressive circles, somebody who can take all the factions that are now tired of Obama - the gays, the ex-Hillary babes,the pro-amnesty Latinos, the global warming crowd, the anti-war primates, and the real Lefties and mold them into a coalition.

And it would have to be somebody that could appeal to the one group that still loves Obama...Blacks. Which means the lucky primate might need to either be Black themselves or at least capable of peeling enough of them off without angering the rest so they sit on their hands in the general.And I think it's doable if you have those elements.

Maybe they could run Teddy Kennedy's corpse. Stranger stuff has happened.

Finally, in response to your many queries asking whether I'm planning to run in 2012, I want to be honest and tell you I'm currently weighing my options. 2012 could very well end up being the Year of the Monkey.

Smell yah later, Primates!

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louielouie said...


jerry brown.
from the last paragraph of your parroting.
I want to be honest
you haven't been honest a day in your life monkey boy, and i'm talking an entire day.
not those chimpy days.
either that, or you really are a political animal to make a statement like that.
of course it was in the last paragraph, as opposed to the lead in.......
jerry brown.

neither she or Mister Bill have forgotten how they were hoo-milliated by Obama back in '08.

if you read J/P instead of just hacking into ff site time and again, you would know that hussein did not humiliate klebb, the dhimicratic party big shots did that to them, the very ones she would have to pull a lewinsky on to get the nomination.
she ain't got it in her.
jerry brown.
hussein came out of no where. so you won't see this one coming until it's already done.
........ what's that smell..........

Lucas said...

Aww.....come on, Weekie. We need to know if you'll run or not.

What's with the tabu and stuff?

Let the poop out already!

Weekend Monkey said...

Well look what crawled out from under the sink, it's Louie Louie.

You're using the few brain cells you own for a change. Jerry Brown has a lot of the prereqs, but I think he's probably too old. He'd be 74 on Election Day.

Hi Mats. I haven't made decision yet on whether I'm running, It's a big decision, but I'll be figuring that out soon.You don't wanna climb up that tree too soon.

-Weekend Monkey-

Rosey said...

"Maybe they could run Teddy Kennedy's corpse."

I was thinking Bill... Or the Monkey. But the Monkey's got to lay off the martinis if he's gonna run.

Let the record show that I called the Primate challenge first, here in this forum.

Freedom Fighter said...

Bill's already served two terms. I'm not sure he's eligible for a third, assuming he could get elected.

B.Poster said...

I think Bill could get elected. Wasn't he among the most popular Presidents ever when he left office. I don't think he's running though. He and Hillary are to busy carrying Barak Obama's water. Given their committment to team Obama, I don't see them trying to undermine the President that they've spent so much effort and resources supporting.

Rosey said...

Ummm, what was that you were saying about Bill's 3rd term? Seems like he's already started serving it! (reference you post above, send in the clowns)...