Sunday, December 19, 2010

UPDATE: Kidnapped American Woman Found Murdered By Arabs In Jerusalem

The kidnapped American woman's body who was attacked by Arabs while hiking with a friend in a forest near Jerusalem has been found.

Kristine Logan's body was found tied and stabbed south of Mata, approximately 400 meters from the road between Mata and Beit Shemesh, police said.

Her companion, Kaye Susan Wilson escaped, reportedly by pretending to be dead after her Arab attackers stabbed her.She was found with her hands tied and several stab wounds in her chest and back but managed to escape her attackers. She told police that two Arabs had tied her hands, stabbed her and left her for dead. After they left, she was able to reach a parking lot in Mata, where she was able to find help from passersby.

After Wilson was found, the Jerusalem police and the IDF launched a massive manhunt overnight Saturday to try and find Luken.

Since Wilson is an Israeli citizen originally from the UK and Luken was an American, the police speculated that she might have been kidnapped by 'Palestinians' to ransom for convicted terrorists in Israeli jails.

The 'Palestinians' may have decided to murder Luken once they realized she was not Israeli.Or they may simply have realized that they would be unable to escape with her.

“We are still looking at all directions, still continuing the investigation, and questioning people who may have seen them,” said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.

One of my contacts in Israel reports that Jean Evans, a very pro-Israel Christian in the UK wrote him saying, "I have just heard that both were committed Christians and friends of my great friends Vicar of Christchurch Jaffa Gate".

Sad. Infinitely sad.

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