Friday, December 10, 2010

Royals Attacked In Britain By Protestors

Students protesting the tripling of university fees and tuition rioted in London yesterday, setting benches on fire vandalizing cars and buildings and battling police.

A high point of the festivities came when the Rolls limo carrying Prince Charles and Camilla was attacked by a crowd armed with sticks and bottles chanting 'off with their #@$!! heads.'

The Royals were unhurt, but attack was forceful enough to crack the bullet proof windshield on the car . One report I heard was that the Prince's security was just an instant away from opening fire on the mob.

This is just the latest reaction to the UK's new austerity program, which will involve massive cuts in welfare state programs and eliminate an estimated 500,000 public sector jobs.

After over a decade of Labour rule, Britain is essentially bankrupt.

The Europeans have done this sort of street theater before, and I would expect a lot more of this sort of thing as the welfare state crumbles.

For some absolutely unbelievable pictures of what was going on in London, see this Daily Mail piece.

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Rosey said...

It really amazes me, although I guess it shouldn't. It happened in Greece just recently. The message from the street is, I don't care if it bankrupts the state, I want mine! I do understand that tripling the tuition WILL price a lot students out of college. But bankrupting the state leads to what...Chaos, Nazism, etc.

Freedom Fighter said...

The interesting part is that in the UK, students are 'tracked' at an early age and a far lower percentage of students ends up at university than here in America.

A lot of the protesters are actually the UK's elite!

louielouie said...