Monday, December 27, 2010

Hamas Sets Up 'Gaza Holocaust' Website

You have to admire the unmitigated gall of Hamas, if nothing else.

Here's a genocidal organization sworn to the murder of Jews world wide setting up a website dedicated to "the electronic encyclopedia of the Gaza holocaust", and documenting "the Israeli war crimes."

The organization running the website is the "Ibdaa institute for research and training".

The chairman of the institute's board of directors, Muhammad al-Madhoun, held a press conference and said that the site included field activity by some 120 'researchers' who collected the information. According to al-Madhoun, they were also aided by human rights organizations - read 'anti-Zionist' EU Non Governmental Organizations and a couple of far Left fringe Israeli groups funded out of the EU.

According to Madhoun, the idea to set up the site was raised "immediately after the Zionist attack on the Gaza Strip".

"This encyclopedia aims to take part in reducing the legitimization of the occupation, as part of a system seeking to annul the moral and human legitimization of this entity," he said. "This encyclopedia will protect history from fraud and provide a platform of data through documents, sound and pictures. All this will help support the steadfast stand of the Palestinian people in Gaza."

This should be a lesson for the Israelis.

In going into Gaza after 8,000 missiles were launched against their civilians , the Israelis risked the lives of IDF ground troops in an attempt to limit civilian casualties, rather than using all means necessary to defeat Hamas and destroy them.

Hamas does not understand that kind of warfare, and Israeli restraint strikes them as weakness...nor does the IDF get any credit for its effort to wage a humane war from the UN and those so-called human rights groups, who would rather demonize Israel than criticize terrorists like Hamas who not only target Israelis but brutalize their own people.

If there's another war between Israel and Hamas, the IDF should simply destroy Hamas as quickly and efficiently as possible. If the IDF is going to be falsely accused of 'war crimes' no matter what they do, they're better off having less casualties and a decisive victory over these jackals to show for it.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, leaving Hamas in power prevents the creation of a Palestinian state, something to be avoided at all costs. Israel should hurt them, inflict a devastating defeat & weaken them by destroying infrastructure & killing many leaders, but leave them in power.

B.Poster said...

The same basic concept applies to the United States in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. IF we are going to fight, then we should work to achieve total victory as quickly as possible while keeping our own casualties to a minimum.

Israel will not get credit for showing restraint Neither will we. Since we are going to be demonized any way, we may as well go all out to win.