Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rep. Peter King: Obama Recess Justice Dept. Appointment 'Shocking'

Rep. Peter King ( R- NY), the incoming head of the House Homeland Security Committee had some harsh words to say about President Obama's new recess appointment for Deputy Attorney General, James Cole.

“I strongly oppose the recess appointment of James Cole to lead the national security team at the Department of Justice,” King said in a statement. “The appointment indicates that the Obama Administration continues to try to implement its dangerous policies of treating Islamic terrorism as a criminal matter.”

Umm,Congressman, in ObamaSpeak those incidents are referred to as 'man made disasters'.

Peter Cole, like most of the other six recess appoints Obama shoved through during the Lame Duck session is indeed a real peace of work.Most of them were so radioactive that even a number of Democrats didn't want to have to vote on them, not with elections coming up in two years.

“After the American people, and the Democratic Congress, unequivocally rejected President Obama’s plans to close Guantanamo and transfer admitted 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed to the United States for trial in federal civilian court, I find it absolutely shocking that President Obama would appoint someone who has diminished the 9/11 terrorist attacks by comparing them to the drug trade and who believes that a civilian courtroom is the appropriate venue for 9/11 trials,” King continued.

“This may be one of the worst appointments by President Obama during his presidency,” King added, referring to Cole as a “left-wing ideologue who places terrorists in the same categories as drug peddlers."

What he's talking about is an editorial Cole wrote for the Legal Times on the one year anniversary of 9/11 in 2002.

"[T]he attorney general is not a member of the military fighting a war -- he is a prosecutor fighting crime. For all the rhetoric about war, the Sept. 11 attacks were criminal acts of terrorism against a civilian population, much like the terrorist acts of Timothy McVeigh in blowing up the federal building in Oklahoma City, or of Omar Abdel-Rahman in the first effort to blow up the World Trade Center. The criminals responsible for these horrible acts were successfully tried and convicted under our criminal justice system, without the need for special procedures that altered traditional due process rights.

Our country has faced many forms of devastating crime, including the scourge of the drug trade, the reign of organized crime, and countless acts of rape, child abuse, and murder. The acts of Sept. 11 were horrible, but so are these other things."

Yep, just another street crime, like a liquor store holdup or something. Nothing to do with national security at all.

Cole truly is clueless when it comes to national security. It's ironic that he cited the Oklahoma City Bombing and the first World trade Center bombing.Both of them were likely operations perpetrated by Saddam Hussein, and both atrocities had Iraqi intelligence officer Ramzi Yousef involved and both bombing used exactly the same techniques, right down to the the same method used to secure a rental truck and the type of explosives.

But wait, there's more. Cole not only talks the talk, he walks the walk.

As an attorney, he represented Saudi Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud against his fellow Americans in a lawsuit filed by insurance companies and 9-11 survivors after Treasury Department documents provided evidence of extensive financial support by the Saudis for Al-Qaeda and other Islamist groups. Prince Naif was the mover and shaker of the Al Haramain Foundation, a name my readers should recognize as a Saudi 'charity' that funded to Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups before and after 9/11.

That's who President Obama hand picked as our Deputy Attorney General, folks..and I have to admit, he fits in quite well with the current administration.

(h/t, Jennifer Rubin)

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