Thursday, December 16, 2010

OK Senator Tom Coburn Outs The Pork In The Obscene Democrat Spending Bill

Senator Tom Coburn of the great State of Oklahoma is one of my favorites, and he deserves a huge high five for outing some of the hidden theft - and there is no other word for it - in the Democrat's $1.1 trillion spending bill.

Get a load of these items:

$500,000: Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate, Boston, MA, for educational program development, including an endowment, requested by Senator John 'Did you know I served in Vietnam?' Kerry and Congressman Ed Markey (D-MA).

$800,000: Crim Fitness Foundation, Flint, MI for a youth program to combat obesity in Flint school from Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow.

$750,000: Bennett College for Women, Greensboro, NC to establish a Center for Women from NC Democrat Senator Kay Hagen

$1,000,000: Capitalization of a Revolving Loan Fund to be Used for Nationwide Community Development Activities (La Raza is the actual recipient) courtesy of Jeff Bingham, Democrat Senator from New Mexico.

And don't think that some of this isn't bi-partisan...although at least some of the GOP requests make sense in that they're mostly for concrete, actual development as opposed to outright bribes uh.. gifts to political allies like most of the Democrat pork.

The Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, requested nearly $86.1 million for Kentucky, including $18 million for a railroad upgrade at Fort Knox, $1 million to build a Kentucky Blood Bank Center and $1 million for waterfront development in Paducah.

Senator Bill Nelson of Florida, one of seven Democrats who voted with Republicans to ban earmarks, had $30 million in requests, including $8 million to move the main gate of Patrick Air Force Base and $400,000 to create a research park in Sebring.

The spending bill also contained dozens of earmarks for projects in the home states of Senator John Cornyn, Republican of Texas, and Senator John Thune, Republican of South Dakota, who appeared at a news conference Wednesday to criticize Democrats for what they called a pork-laden spending bill.

Mr. Cornyn requested nearly $93.5 million, including $1 million for a National Wind Resource Center. Along with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, another Texas Republican, he asked for $2 million for the Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program, which transfers the knowledge and technology of the space program to small businesses, according to the group’s Web site.

Mr. Thune requested nearly $38.5 million, most of it with his fellow South Dakota senator, Tim Johnson, a Democrat. About $25 million was for construction at military installations.

It's fun to spend other people's money, isn't it? The Republicans in particular who lined up at the trough with the jackasses ought to be ashamed.

In fact, to his credit GOP Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell seems to have come to his senses::

"Today I’m introducing this: a clean, one-page continuing resolution that keeps government funded through February 18th at current spending levels. Once the new Congress is sworn in, we’ll have a chance to pass a less expensive bill free of wasteful spending."

Meanwhile, Jim DeMint is sticking to his threat to have the clerks read all 1,924 pages of the bill. It took 2 days to print , so hopefully it will take at least that long to read it.

Write, call and fax your congressmen...kill this now.

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Anonymous said...

Can you get elected in the Southwest without bribing La Raza?? Bob Dornan lost reelection in Southern California and proved in court that La Raza put up 8000 illegal aliens to vote against him. Did anyone go to jail??? Until these criminals go to jail it will continue. Why not? It works and there is no punishment. How many of our newly elected congressmen used election fraud to get where they are?