Monday, December 13, 2010

The Buck Stops Here....


Chris Muir over at Day By Day, of course!

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B.Poster said...

This cartoon just about says it all. I remember a quote by Neil Armstrong regarding the first mission to the moon. I'm roughly paraphrasing but the meaning is essentially the same. What he said was. "This mission was more important than any thing. Ir was more important than our families. In fact, it was more important than life itself."

If one wishes to be POTUS, he or she must be willing to approach the job with the same type of intensity that the Apollo astronauts approached the moon mission. Given the problems that America currently faces, this is even more so.

I can understand one wanting to hang with their spouse and children and wishing to go to Christmas parties. I like to hang with my friends and go to Christmas parties too. But, if one wants to be POTUS, these things probably aren't realistic. Unless one is willing to sacrifice these things, then DON'T APPLY FOR THE JOB OF POTUS!!

A bit off topic but personally I like Sarah Palin even if the media attention she gets is somewhat amusing. She has a young child. If she wants to be POTUS and if she succeeds in becoming POTUS and she approaches the job with the intensity it needs, she is going miss much of the activities of her young child's childhood.

Now if she is not willing to make these sacrifices, then she should just continue to write books and star in her tv show. What is it "Sarah Palin's Alaska?" The same goes for ANYONE wishing to undertake this job.

Now as for Mr. Obama, he should take a long hard look in the mirror and ask himself if he is willing to sacrifice time with Michelle and the girls in order to give the job the intensity it needs. If he is not willing or able to do so, he should resign IMMEDIATELY!!

Now I'm rambling a bit but it would be very, very good if POTUS would focus on being POTUS and not "leader of the free world." The United States has neither the capability nor the desire to be "leader of the free world" or whatever they wish to call it today.

The cartoon caption is acutally quite moving. The first thing a serious POTUS would do is order the withdrawl of ALL forces from Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the Middle East. This should be done without delay and it should happen as quickly as our transport vehicles can get them out. The next step would be to upgrad the nuclear arsenal and the means to deliver it.

I'm not expecting it with this POTUS. His leaving the speech on health care to go to a Christmas party with his wife or to spend time with her indicates this in not a serious man. At least, he is currently not approaching his duties as POTUS with the earnestness they need to be approached with.

Btw, the same applies to our former President. He was not a serious man either. The Republic has had to suffer through the presidencies of two amatuers who simply don't have what it takes. In the case of Mr. Obama, he is not finished yet. He may yet turn things around. I pray he does. The survival of the nation may depend upon it.