Wednesday, December 08, 2010

NATO, Jewish Community in Belgium Was targeted For Mega-Attack

The Jewish community in Belgium was targeted for a massive attack along the lines of Madrid or Mumbai (link is in Dutch) and a number of jihadis have been arrested by Belgian Authorities.

The suspects had made a list of key targets, including the NATO headquarters in Evere and NATO forces, a large sporting event and synagogues, schools and Jewish community centers. Last week CNN also quoted a senior European anti-terror expert that the Jewish community was been a target.

Secretary-General of the Forum of Jewish Organizations, Diane Keyser, says the Jewish community has the fullest confidence in the judiciary. "This action, in which suspects were arrested, also proves that the police were able to intercept the threats and take appropriate action."

According to the Dutch paper Het Parool, a Saudi national living in France financed the attack, Several Belgian and Dutch Muslims were arrested along with a German suspect.

The group was linked to what's being described as a fundamentalist website, and the police had taps on a number of suspected phones, which helped them roll up the cell when several conversations indicated an attack might be imminent.

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