Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Those Gitmo Detainees We Released? 1 In 4 Returned To The Jihad

As the Wikileaks cables reveal, the Obama Administration did some major wheeling and dealing to get the detainees we had under lock and key in Guantanamo released from Club Gitmo,our tropical resort for jihadis.

Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of the released jihadis decided to go back to their old pastime.

As Thomas Jocelyn in the Weekly Standard reports, according to a new intelligence assessment released by the Director of National Intelligence’s office, 1 in 4, or 25% of the 598 detainees released from Gitmo are recidivists and are now considered either “confirmed or suspected of reengaging in terrorist or insurgent activities.”

According to the DNI, former detainees who have spread anti-American and jihadi propaganda but engaged in no other terrorist activity aren't included in either the suspected or confirmed categories

Back in February 2010, President Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, confirmed that the estimated number of recidivists had increased to 20 percent, a percentage Brennan claimed was 'pretty good'- with a straight face.

That 25% recidivism is double the number reported by the DoD in April in 2009, and should tell us three things - that 'catch and release' for jihadis is a really bad idea, that the Obama Administration stance on Islamist terrorism -excuse me,man made disasters - is not convincing a substantial percentage of the released detainees to forsake jihad, and that Club Gitmo isn't going to close anytime soon.

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