Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Good News: START Is Stopped Cold For The Lame Duck Session

Which means it might very well be dead for good.

At least eight Republican Senators are scheduled to hold a press conference today to announce that they will not vote to ratify Obama’s Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) with the Russians.

Sens. Jon Kyl of Arizona, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, John Thune of South Dakota, Christopher Bond of Missouri, Orrin Hatch of Utah, Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, George LeMieux of Florida and Mark Kirk of Illinois are pulling the plug on this as it stands. And apparently John McCain of Arizona has joined them.

Some of them were votes the White House figured were in the bag.

The START treaty is a ridiculously bad deal for the US any way you slice it.

It encumbers our pursuit of advanced ballistic missile defense technology, its verification set up is ridiculously inadequate,it gives Moscow far too much say over how our nuclear deterrent is used and what it consists of and it impedes our use of missile defense systems.

In short, its a unilateral disarmament on our part , and it's exactly the kind of daisies and unicorn fart nonsense you would expect out of this administration.

No major treaty like this has ever been forced through Congress in a lame duck session..but leave it to our co-president Barack Hussein Obama to try.

He deserves a severe rebuke from Congress for his arrogance in attempting it.

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Anonymous said...

Whenever anyone asked me in the 1960s what my 'sign' was ( people were obsessed with astrology in that era ), I always responded 'Stop'. That should also be the slogan for dealing with this undemocratic & antidemocratic Democratic caretaker House. :)


louielouie said...

i've been coming to J/P for over a couple of weeks now.
one thing i will say imo of ff is, that he is an unapologetic optimist.
considering the article/essay of this comment thread, and several over the last several days this week, regarding hussein's behavior, attitude, and philosophy towards this our nation, i have a question.
how's that for a run-on sentence?
this question is not rhetorical.
and it is in a manner of speaking, calling ff out.
can this nation survive another two years of this?
the definition of the word "this" i will leave to ff.
the off the cuff answer is of course we will.
the US is too big to fail.
so was rome.
and how craven were their senators?
are ours any better?
and what does that say about those who elected them.
i have heard ff say numerous times, as california goes, so goes the nation. and the voters of california sent a clear signal where they want to go.
this of course would be a work of fiction.
so, ff, you wanna take a whack at it?
can this nation survive another two years of this?
where we gonna be in one year?
where we gonna be in two?
what's your new years prediction gonna be?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hey Louie, How are you?

I could be wrong,but I don't think I ever said 'As California goes, so goes the nation'...G-d forbid!

California has a lot of the same problems blue states like Massachusetts, Illinois and New York have, but it's simply an easier target because the excesses here are greater and because it's one sixth of the US economy when things go right.

So, your question, will we survive another two years of Obama? of course we will. The question is how we'll do it.

A year or so ago, I predicted that we would either take back our Republic or become Rome, deciding that this democracy stuff was simply a failed experiment and finding someone on a white horse with the answers to lead us in exchange for more security and less liberty.

That could still happen, but I lean much more towards us taking back the country.

The Tea Party, the repudiation of Obama and his poisonous agenda ( and it's much greater than the polls indicate)the midterms and the ascension of politicians like Sarah Palin, Allen West,Paul Ryan, Mike Pence,Marco Rubio, Pat Toomy, Jim DeMint and a lot of others in spite of everything the Ruling Class of both parties could do shows me that we have the most important asset we need, the human capital.

The rest can be recovered and repaired.

These people and others like them are not going to back down, nor will they passively allow themselves to be bought off with promises of 'benefits' by the likes of Obama.If they were, it would already have happened, and the Tea Party and the midterms would have fizzled.

The question you're really asking, of course, is whether the GOP is able to be remodeled to be the vehicle for taking back the country..and I'll have more on that later.


Rosey said...

As a kid, I remember selling coffee & donuts to drivers waiting in line to buy gasoline! Yet somehow, the nation survived Jimmy Carter's Presidency. Turns out there is another guy, older than me, with the exact same, Jewish-sounding name, who was a diplomat held hostage in the US embassy in Tehran. (I only know this because he went to the same eye doctor in NYC as me, and they mixed up our files). I once worked for Lehman Brothers, had an office in the World Trade Center, and survived 9/11 against all odds. In the Bizarro world that we live in, were I an optimist I would believe that somehow we will make it through to 2012, and the pendulum will swing to the right. Truly conservative houses of congress can reverse much, but not all, of the damage that the irresponsible, affirmative action, experiment in US Marxism has created. Lifetime appointments to the US Supreme Court being among what we can't undo. (Actually we could, but we are supposed to be a nation of laws, so...) I was surprised that my sarcastic remarks on a previous post touched a raw nerve with FF and Bposter. I believe generous portions of cheap gin have numbed my reaction to the lame-duck insanity that unfolds daily on the internet, like a car wreck on the highway shoulder that you can't turn away from, thinking, "Whew, glad that wasn't me." But it is all of us. The US may look like Haiti in 2 years, but I believe we will rebound. If not, the whole world is screwed, since we are responsible for protecting it and driving the global economy.

Time for another martini! Maybe Monkey Boy will join me...

louielouie said...

i am truly alarmed to find that rosey consumes cheap gin.

Weekend Monkey said...

Hey, you use it as a mixer it ain't so bad. Try banana extract..whee!

B.Poster said...

This does appear to be a terrible treaty. In fact, it is the kind of treaty one usually signs after they have been defeated on the battle field, however, I don't remember where Russia beat us on the battlefied. Russia may well beat us on the battlefield but lets at least make them earn it rather than simply hand them an unearned victory.

At a bare minimum before we sign any kind of treaty with the Russians or any one else for that matter, we need to ensure that there is some mechanisms in place to ensure the other party complies to the terms of the treaty. Given the intense media scrutiny the US faces, American compliance with any agreement is assured. The Russians do not face this kind of scrutiny. As such, there is no way that I am aware to ensure Russian compliance. In addition, Russian weapons systems especially their nuclear arsenal and the means to deliver it are superior to American systems. A reduction in our n uclear weapons and the ability to deliver them only serves to give Russia an even greater advantage in this area.

To agree to this would be absoultely insane UNLESS you've lost a war. Again, I'm not aware of the war with Russia that we lost. While this treaty should die, I'm reminded of Freedy Krueger in Nightmare on Elm Street or Jason in Friday the 13th. Like the vilians in those movies, this treaty refuses to die. It appears they are still trying to pass this.

DADT has been repealed. The Dream Act needs to be enacted and Start II needs to be ratified. Given Mr. Obama's track record of getting his agenda enacted, I'd say the odds are heavily in favor of all of this being enacted before the end of the year. I pray I'm wrong of course.