Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Obama Administration To Issue 'Indefinite Detention' Executive Order for Gitmo Detainees

My, how things have changed!

The president who campaigned on the vow that he would close our detention center for jihadis at Guantanamo is now preparing an executive order that would formalize indefinite detention without trial for them.

The jihadis will be allowed to challenge their incarceration, of course. But it will be in front of military tribunals, not civilian courts.

Originally, Obama's plan was to transfer detainees to a facility in the United States and to try them in civilian courts.After the fiasco at the trial of US embassy bomber Ahmed Ghailani, the opposition to a New York City civilian court trial for Khalid Sheik Mohammed, and the stats on how many Club Gitmo detainees we released returned to the jihad, even President Obama finally realized his mistake.

Of course, he's not going to admit it. Imagine a president who had the sense of honor to admit that an argument he used to demonize his predecessor was completely mistaken, and that the man he demonized was right all along....

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louielouie said...

i wish ff would have included pictures or a video of code pinkies heads exploding, as this news would surely cause.

B.Poster said...

When Mr. Obama campaigned on a pledge to close the Guantanmo Bay Prison, I really believed him. There may be a silver lining in all of this though. By his refusal to shut this prison down this may indicate that this is not some left wing ideologue. In other words, he may be capable of adjusting to the facts on the ground rather than simply sticking to a left wing ideology. If so, this might actually be a good thing.

Now with this said, there may be a way to both shut down this prison AND enhance American national security. This would involve securing our borders, placing a moratorium on immigration from Middle Eastern countries, closely monitoring the mosques, developing all of our own oil and gas reserves, and building more refineries. If we did all of this, it may just be possible to close this prison and make America more secure.

If Mr. Obama was able to shut down the Guantanamo Bay prison, this should help him score BIG with his base, however, in order to do this, he will need to sign on to the other things I mention above which would make them VERY angry. As such, I can't see him being eager to do that right now.

We've already seen the angry left in action over the extension of the Bush tax rates. Essentially the Democrats got every thing they wanted with only a few tiny morsels thrown the way of the Republicans yet the Democrats and the angry left were STILL angry about the whole thing.

Rosey said...

Could we call this maturing in office?