Friday, December 10, 2010

The Council Has Spoken!!

The votes have been cast, the sacred runes read and this week’s Watcher’s Council vote is now inscribed in the annals.

Our winner this week, The Razor scored with Friends Like These,a great analysis of our toxic relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

One of the results of the Wikileaks debacle has been to highlight America’s problem with Saudi Arabia. Secretary of Defense Gates stated that the Saudis want to fight Iran to the last American. Meanwhile al-Qaeda and other Islamofascists have treated the country as an ATM, with the kingdom funding terrorist groups around the world. Of the many questionable and downright evil things Wikileaks has done, it has shown that at least some members of our government aren’t complete idiots when it comes to the danger that kingdom presents to the world

The Saudis have a very long track record of undermining American foreign policy. It has bought off members of both the Left and the Right in Washington DC, and has avoided scrutiny of its actions. Some apologists have noted that the Saudi government has been helpful in the fight against Islamic terrorism, and that Osama Bin Laden himself hates the House of Saud almost as much – if not more – than the United States. But they ignore the fact that the Saudis are the primary bank rollers of the puritanical Islam espoused by Bin Laden, al-Zawahiri and the vast majority of nut jobs with a suicide belt around their waists and a Koran in their hearts.

Our non-Council winner was The Rubin Report for Thanks to International Aid, Gaza Is Going To Be A Well-Off Islamist Republic an interesting take on Gaza as Islamist welfare state subsisting on the West's money.

Here are this week’s full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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B.Poster said...

Razor raises an interesting point about the Saudis. Essentially how can you fight "Islamic Terrorism", "Terrorism", or whatever else they wish to call it, if you are going to turn a blind eye to Saudi Arabia. 15 of the 19 of the 9/11 hijackers or something to this effect were Saudis. Yet we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.

The "War on Terror" has been maddeningly inconsistent. For example, we fight terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq but we coddle it in "Palestine" and Saudi Arabia.

Given these inconsistencies not only is it hard to support these actions based upon a grand strategy to defeat Islamic terrorism but these actions have worn our military down to the point where basic national defense is problematic.

That's very interesting that the Saudis want us to fight Iran. Somehow I'm skeptical of this. Might Wikileaks have edited the documents to make things appear this way. The Saudis hate us more than they hate Iran. As such, Sunni and Shia will gladly put aside their differences for a time in order to fight their common enemy of America. Then once America is vanquished there will be plenty of time to resume the Sunni/Shia fight. Given that America now lacks the conventional capabilities to mount an effective military campaign against this enemy right now and it lacks the ability to pay for needed upgrades to the military, it has few choices at its disposal.

In any event, redeploying to defensible positions along the borders, developing our own oil and gas reserves, and building more refineries will give us greater utility for our national security needs than any thing we are currently doing.

By redeploying our brave warriors have a fighting chance to defend our homeland. Also, these brave men and women would be doing what they signed on to do, which is to defend America. As such, I would expect morale, troop retention, and new troops signing up to all increase substantially.

By developing all of our oil and gas reserves, utilizing coal to oil technologies, and building more refineries we will have more leverage in dealing with the likes of Saudi Arabia and others than we currently have. Right now we essentially have none.

rashid1891 said...

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