Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Democrats Lose Both Special Congressional Elections; Dem Seat In NY Goes Republican!

Republican Bob Turner won an upset win in a heavily Democrat district to take over Anthony Weiner's old seat, while Republican Mark Amodei cruised to an easy victory in Nevada's 2nd district in what what was once thought to be a tight race to fill ex-Representative and now Senator Dean Heller.

Amodei destroyed Democrat Kate Marshall by more than 20 points.

The race in NY-9 was particularly interesting, with Matt Drudge headlining the story as 'The Revenge of the Jews', because the district has one of the highest concentrations of Jewish voters in the country at 40%.Democrats have a 3 to 1 advantage in registration in NY 9 and the district, which spans parts of Queens and Brooklyn, has never before sent a Republican to the House.

The vote,which Turner won handily by 6 points is seen as a result of anger over President Obama's mishandling of the economy and his policies on Israel.

This is not good news for the president, and I'd bet coin of the realm that the epithet 'f%@#ing Jews' crossed somebody's lips tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Don't joke about the ''f*cking Jews'' line, did you see the tweets about the Democratic defeat?
Plenty of tweets from those ''liberal'' Democrats about ''f*cking Jews'' & ''Israel can go to hell'' .....

Terry, Eilat - Israel

Lucas said...


Seems like religious Jews are not easily bound in the democrat plantation.

Rob said...

Hi Terry,
I wasn't joking in the least.

Hello Mats,
Actually, the district's Jews are kind of split between Orthodox and observant and a large contingent of Russian Jews.

Neither group seems to have much patience with either socialism or anti-Semitism.

Anthony Weiner,the last congressman who held the seat was outspokenly pro-Israel, one of the few Democrats to blast Obama and Hillary for their policies.


louielouie said...

ok, i'll say it:

.... and the weiner is ......

jeebus cripes do i have to do this all the time???

SecondComingOfBast said...

Weiner's Jewish and Israeli policies was one of his few saving graces, possibly his only one. He even objected to the Palestinian delegations visit to the UN.

Of course, the Obama Administration is going to quickly and firmly reject the UN Security Councils move to grant statehood to the Palestinians and you can be sure Obama is going to loudly and persistently trumpet this as proof of his pro-Israeli stance.

Unfortunately, nothing else is likely to change.

Rob said...

Hey PT, how goes it?

The even bigger joke is that the Obama Administration isn't leaning on the Pals because of any regard for Israel.

One, both Obama and Hillary are real fetish freaks when it comes to the UN and the 'international community'. The Pals little stunt threatens to embarrass Obama into ordering Susan Rice to cast another US veto..which is why the Pals will probably go to the General Assembly rather than the Security Council, as a sop to Obama.They can upgrade their status there to non-voting member,which means the non-existent state of 'Palestine' will be able to get on international bodies and attempt to sue Israel through the International Criminal Court.

They tried this crap once before, but Reagan nipped it in the bud by threatening to cut off substantial American UN funding.

Obama has no intentionof doing that.

Second, what a lot of folks don't realize is that the 'Palestinians' are abrogating two treaties they signed by going unilaterally to the UN - the Oslo Accords and the Road Map. Th eUS is a signatory to both treaties too, and the Pals are putting us in the position of having to support them in violating treaties we signed on to.

My personal opinion is that the Pals will go to the General Assembly and get their non-voting member status while the US casts a meaningless vote against. That way Obama can tout that as being 'pro-Israel' to Lefty Jews.