Thursday, September 15, 2011

What Did Michelle Obama Say???

There's a video that's surfaced of President Obama and the First Lady at the 9/11 memorial last Sunday that's given rise to a certain amount of controversy.

In a brief clip, Michelle Obama turns to the president in the middle of the ceremony when the the bagpipes are playing, and says something to the president. He nods agreement, she shakes her head and rolls her eyes.

Now, you can't make out exactly what she was saying, so various people have come up with their own interpretations. To my pal Thomas Lifeson over at American Thinker, it looks as though she is saying, "All that for a flag!"

James Robbins over at The Washing Times gets it as 'a skeptical looking Mrs. Obama leans to her husband and appears to say, “all this just for a flag.” She then purses her lips and shakes her head slightly as Mr. Obama nods.'

The Soros-paid galley slaves over at Media Matters quote Kristina Schake, communications director for First Lady Michelle Obama as saying: "The words, meaning and context in these claims are all wildly off the mark. The First Lady was commenting to the President on how moving and powerful it always is to watch all that America's firefighters and police officers do to honor the flag. It was an emotional moment on a powerful day and she was awed by the ceremony and all that the flag symbolizes."

That didn't exactly look to me like what the president's bitter half was saying and the body language definitely doesn't fit.To me, it does look very much like the F-bomb was dropped, which would fit in with the body language a lot better , but in all fairness my lip reading skills are limited, although I do have a certain amount of experience figuring out what someone is saying to me in loud environments like sound stages and concert venues. She could be saying something like 'anybody who wears a kilt is a fag' or 'Ceremonies like this are such a drag' of course.

My point is that The Obamas have a very different take on what our flag and our traditions mean than most Americans, and that's been evident for quite some time.

They, you know, hang out in certain circles where this is pretty much a natural way to behave.

So it would certainly not be out of character for our First Lady to say something disparaging like this, which is why the White House has mostly kept her selectively muzzled or away on high -priced vacations for the past three years. I don't know what she said, but the body language, the head shaking and the eye rolling definitely reinforce that whatever she had to say it probably wasn't something the Obama campaign wants to have surface.

Perhaps DMartyr at the Jawa Report has the right take:

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louielouie said...

there are those on the left who become absolutely moist seeing that photo of hussein/richardson/klebb.

Tantric Logic said...

" I want another few hundred grand to take another trip overseas."

ruralcounsel said...

Clearly the Obama's are suffering with America/patriotism burn-out syndrome. They never really felt any connection in their hearts, and they are getting tired of faking it.

Fortunately, the feelings are mutual.