Friday, September 09, 2011

Pigs Fly - The New York Times Has A Fair And Favorable Article On Sarah Palin

Yes of the writers at Pravda-on-the-Hudson thinks that Governor Palin's ideas are actually worth taking seriously....that they could even lead to a brand new political alignment.

Of course, those of us more familiar with Governor Palin have known that for quite some time.

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louielouie said...

this was solely for them to say "see, we aren't biased in the least".

Anonymous said...

I like the cut of her jib ! When she differentiated dicrotically between the ' megacorporations ' & the ' good ' businesses ', ( sc, the small, entrepreneurial ones which ' take risks & sink & swim in the churning market ', ) I just wanted to hug her ! As she comments, 70 per cent ( % ) of job creation is in small business.

& I relish that paenultimate paragraph wherein ' Goldman Sachs, the Teamsters Union, General Electric, Google & the US Department Of Education ' are catalogued into the same category as ' remote ' & ' anonymous ' & ' becom[ing] corrupt & unresponsive '.

Perhaps, maybe, the NYT are hedging their bets a wee bit by publishing this, & they might be strongly hinting to their Democratic allies, elbowing them awake, that this is precisely the sort of & kind of populism which they should be engaging in if they do not wish to strike an electoral iceberg in 2012.


Rob said...

Hi Louie,
IMO the real message was 'we don't think she's running for president,and therefore she's no longer a threat to Obama.'