Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Obama Sets Up Creepy New Website 'AttackWatch' - And it Becomes An Internet Joke

Remember 'Fight the smears', the Obama website that urged you to report your neighbors if you heard 'fishy rumors' about the president and his policies?

Well it's back again, in a flashy new site called that urges you to report all attacks on King Putt and sign up for talking points so you can become an advocate for him. It even uses the phrase 'fight the smears' in its come-on.

Unfortunately, it's also become an internet laughing stock, as both the site and its twitter account have been overloaded with joke tweets like: "There's a new Twitter account making President Obama look like a creepy, authoritarian nutjob.”

And it inspired this:

My own tweets were along the lines of:

"They're saying Michelle Obama took a ritzy vacation in Martha's Vineyard."

" I heard a caddy say the president's golf score is within 15 strokes of his apprvl numbers"

" Media are lying that unemployment is at 9.1%. Fight the smear!"

" The peasants are complaining about high gas prices and blaming President Obama"

"The AP is claiming the ReThugs won NY9. Fight the smear"

You get the idea.

I can't imagine what the president is thinking, mobilizing his own Thought Police like this.

We've never had a president quite like Barack Obama before. That much is certain.

Hopefully, we never will again.

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Dymphna said...

Wondeful. I put your post in our News Feed for tonight.

I am hoping it will generate some new ideas...

I also wonder if Iowahawk has bitten into this yet?

louielouie said...

in your first tweet, you refer to a woman named michelle obama.
i'm not sure who that is.
i know hussein's wife is michelle antoinette.