Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quid Pro Quo..GOP Senators Approve Financing To Avert Shutdown In Exchange For...

The Republicans in the Senate voted along with their Democrat colleagues Monday for a last minute bill that will keep the government running through November 18.

Only 12 Republicans voted against the bill, which was touted as a way to keep FEMA from running out of cash at the end of the fiscal year.

Part of the price for GOP support was not disclosed however. It was an under the table deal to confirm four conservative US attorneys recommended by Republicans that had been stonewalled by the Obama DOJ and its allies in Congress.

In other words, in order to make the deal, Harry Reid was willing to toss the Democrat Left under the bus.

Another part of the deal according to my sources involves delaying the Senate taking on President Obama's 'jobs' bill - you know, the one that needs to be passed now, now, now - until after the recess and after other items were dealt with, so the bill might not even come up for debate before the Christmas/holiday recess.

A number of the Senate Democrats were reportedly happy to delay that particular turkey as long as possible, since none of them are anxious t6o have their names attached to what essentially is a tax increase with elections coming up.

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