Sunday, September 25, 2011

Obama's Latest: Gaffe-Tastic!

Our Dear Leader committed another couple of major gaffes recently that would have the dinosaur media hyper-ventilating if it was, say, Governor Sarah Palin...let alone another Ivy League grad who used to be president not too long ago.

The above photo (hat tip The Political Commentator) shows the president in a group photo of dignitaries at the UN committing a lapse of protocol and basic etiquette that would have had any fifth-grader sent to detention or writing 500 sentences after class: "I will not wave to the camera in posed group photos".

Perhaps Obama simply figured that the President of Mongolia wasn't all that important compared to Obama's awesomeness.

We can add this to other lapses of decorum by this president like his bowing fetish, his inability to know that you stop yakking during the Toast to the Queen of England or his inability to call the president of Brazil by his correct name among a host of other mishaps. Needless to say, this isn't being reported in the US at all.

Another doozy of the president's the media is ignoring came during what was supposed to be a photo op to sell his jobs plan next to an allegedly deteriorating highway bridge..which actually isn't. He referred to America as ' the country that built the Intercontinental Railroad'.

Now, I remember we once built a transcontinental railroad across America, finished right around the time of the end of the Civil War. But I never dreamed we built an intercontinental one! Imagine, a railroad from New York to France and I totally missed it! Or maybe it was to Japan or China, or Australia?

Yes, our president lives in a world where there's a language called Austrian, where Canada has a president, where Navy medics are referred to as corpse-men and the US has 57 states. Perhaps that's why I didn't hear about the intercontinental railroad...the American starting point for this miraculous achievement must be in one of them!

You have to wonder what President Obama was actually studying during his expensive education at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard. Based on these and other tidbits littered throughout his speeches, it obviously wasn't history, economics or geography. And it definitely wasn't math. But then, we'll never know will we, since the president's grades and transcripts have all been carefully hidden.

I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason for that. Just like there's a perfectly good reason the media is ignoring this president's constant faux-pas and embarrassing gaffes.

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Anonymous said...

This is racist Tea Party bullshit, you can't stand it that a Black man is president.

Rob said...

Oh, I wouldn't mind Rep. Allen West in the White House one bit.

Anonymous said...

West or Cain would be 'perfect', not this bumbling idiot who has to 'wave' at the camera...I would like to ride on that train...probably to France!

B.Poster said...

One of our biggest problems, if not our biggest problem is our country is almost universially despised around the world. One of the main reasons Mr. Obama was lelected was to address this and to fix this. Things like this are certainly not helpful.

Its hard to beleive any one would be dumb enough to do what it appears Mr. Obama did in this picture that I've seen here and on one other web site. Assuming it really is true this is EXTREMELY disrepectful to the President of Mongolia. From the looks of the picture, this is a very brazen and disrespectful act. Any one capable of such a thing has probably done similar things. In toehr words, this is probably not an isolated event. I shudder to think of the damage that is being done to our image, especially at a time when one of our single most important goals should be repairing our image.

The main stream media correctly identified our severaly damaged image around the world as a significant problem during the Bush Administration. They correctly identified that this needed to be corrected and they correctly realized we needed someone new in office who was/is far from former President Bush.

Yet when Mr. Obama does things like this, they are silent. By their silence it can only be assumed they have/had other goals in mind besiedes imrpoving America's image. Furthermore it appears they are more than willing to stand idly by while this image is futher trashed in order to support whatever agendas they have. In other words, they would place us all in grave danger in order to achieve those agendas. Truly disgraceful!!

Old School said...

Obama...what a buffoon!