Thursday, September 01, 2011

Obama On Jobs 'I Don't Need No Stinkin' Congress'

Some of the favored members of the White House's Vast Left wing Conspiracy have been given a sneak preview of what President Obama plan to announce on September 8th in his speech on jobs.

One of them is the Atlantic's Fawn Johnson ( hat tip memeorandum) who puts it pretty succinctly...the president is going to roll out a jobs plan that doesn't need Congress:

On Wednesday, Obama took a now-familiar path in adopting a program--this time a jobs and infrastructure effort--that can happen entirely within his domain. Obama directed several federal agencies to identify "high-impact, job-creating infrastructure projects" that can be expedited now, without congressional approval.

One week before he will make a major address to Congress on jobs, Obama is making sure they know he plans to move forward without them. The president has also directed the Education Department to come up with a "Plan B" updating the 2001 No Child Left Behind law in the absence of congressional action. The message to Congress is clear: Do your work or we'll do it for you.

Under Wednesday's order, the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, and Transportation will each select up to three high-priority infrastructure projects that can be completed within the control and jurisdiction of the federal government. The effort is labeled as a "common-sense approach" to spurring job growth "in the near term." In practical terms, that means speeding up the permitting and waiver processes for green-building or highway projects to get the government out of the way. One of businesses' foremost complaints with government infrastructure projects is that the paperwork is too cumbersome and creates unnecessary delays, according to White House economic advisers.

Let's translate this. President Obama has decided once again to trash the Constitution and attempt to bypass Congress, who by law controls the purse strings on Federal spending. So much for his presidential oath.

Government doesn't create jobs, it can only create a climate of low taxes and regulation that stimulates private enterprise to do so. And we know how likely the president is to endorse something like that!

None of this is accidental, of course. As Obama's White House spokesmouth Jay Carney laid out, the new tactic is for the president to run against the evil, obstructive Congress that won't let him have his way.

Remember what I've always told you about understanding the Left. It's child psychology 101, something every parent will recognize: 'You're impeding what I want, therefore I hate you.'

In other words, President Obama is in full on tantrum mode.

I also might note that the president recently made his own 'contribution' to American unemployment by pushing through the DREAM act by executive order after Congress rejected it three times and having his DOJ decline to prosecute literally thousands of pending deportation cases.

Since black Americans are disproportionally affected by these measures, I have to wonder why they continue to support this president in the numbers they apparently do.

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Obama Rocks! said...

You just hate that a Black man is president, don't you.

Just another Tea Party racist site.

Anonymous said...

You've proved Joshuapundit's point: most African-Americans either don't want to or can't see beyond the color of Obama's skin and neither can you. You'd kiss Obama's butt if he'd let you, then tell everyone how good it tastes. "Obama Rocks!" has a rock for a brain.

louielouie said...

i disagree with you both.

O/R, the milli vanilli president to which you refer is mixed race. he is not black. for the record, i dislike his white half as well.

anon @ 1:50
you say "Obama Rocks!" has a rock for a brain.
i think you give him/her too much credit.
the comment you make regarding A/A being color blind is of course not racism, yet does apply to a sizable portion of white america as well.