Monday, September 12, 2011

Rumsfeld's Biggest Regret: Bush Administration Too Politically Correct On Radical Islam

An interesting clip from ex-SecDef Donald Rumsfeld on Fareed Zakaria's show, doing a 9/11 retrospective. The bit about radical Islamism starts about 6:50,but listen to the whole clip. I love the bit where Rumsfeld says the Obama Adminsitration is much worse at dealing with radical Islamism and Obama fanboy Zakaria interrupts him to say 'But he killed Osama'.

Well, someone did.

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B.Poster said...

I'll listen to the video later but in reply to the statement "but he killed Osama" "He" as in Mr. Obama did not kill Osama. This feat was done by members of Navy Seal Team
6. I have no doubt that these brave warriors had significant help from insiders in Pakistan and probably our own intellegence services. The notions that Mr. Obama did this is absurd.

I do agree with the sentiment that we are to politically correct on radical Islam. Had we have done this properly from the beginning, the first thing we should have done would have been to place an indefinite moratorium on immigration into the United from Middle Eastern/Muslim countrie. It makes little sense to invite people into your house who don't like you. In addtion, we should have placed all mosques under VERY close observation.

SecondComingOfBast said...

I got sick of Obama claiming credit for killing Bin Laden by the day after it happened. Sure, he gave the order. About eight months-at least-after he knew where he was holed up, and when he figured it would do him the most good politically, when he most needed a boost. If things hadn't gone so sour on him so quickly, Obama would have probably lived on until, oh, about the last week of October. Of next year.

SecondComingOfBast said...

Political correctness regarding Islam is also another weakness of Rick Perry that hasn't been brought to the forefront yet. I'm sure it will be soon enough.

Rob said...

Hello PT,
Not that I want to shill for Rick Perry, but the meme that he's 'soft' on Islamism is pretty weak as far as I can see.

It's based on Governor Perry's association with the Aga Khan on a number of projects.

The Aga Khan is the temporal and spiritual leader of the Ismaili sect of Islam, a relatively moderate and tolerant group with about 26 million followers. Most Sunni and Shia consider them heretics because of their interpretation of the Qu'ran and are quite hostile to them.

No Ismaili to my knowledge has ever been involved or implicated in terrorism or jihad against the West.